Sunday, November 25, 2012

Intermezzo #59: Ace x Acht Pop Shop opening Party Amsterdam, sponsored by Bacardi

This week not the regular G-Shock article. Let's see what was going on earlier this week in Amsterdam.
From Thursday November 22nd until Sunday November 25th, sneakerstore Acht is turned into a G-Shock Pop Shop, which started with a great party on Thursday night.
Actually, the preparation started much earlier. Monday, before the party, Dimer and Dale from Ace Trends travelled after their work to Middelburg, which is an about a 2 hour drive. Normally probably a relaxed trip, but with temperatures around 7 ºC or less, quite hardcore without a top on the car.
Well, Bram was impressed. Not only Dimer's sports car was impressive, also his knowledge about Lego Star Wars. And just as you thought that was all. Bram, who's a fast calculator, found his competition in Dale. While the others were amazed about the numbers flying around, Dale and Bram had there calculation battle. There was barely time to eat, as Bram kept the pretty guys busy.  Finally we got to the real point of their visit. I brought a big box to the living room with some proper G-Shocks to display on the Ace x Acht party. Luckily I also had two G-Shock caps for them, as it turned really cold that night and it was a long trip back in the open sports car.
Thursday afternoon I teamed up with my friend Bas for a simple dinner. It turned out that the simplest dinner was amazing good. The best burger I had ever eaten was at the Park Slop Brewery in NYC, 1997, but this was a close second on even an ex aequo. So if you are ever close to Anno 1890 on the Amstelveenseweg in Amsterdam (near Amstelveen), I can recommend this restaurant-café for a good affordable dinner in a great friendly ambiance.
After a profesional demonstration of the Bluetooth GB-6900 G-Shock model, we went to the vijzelstraat. The location was easy to find. Never seen such a great artwork on a shop window.
It invites you to a closer look...
Bam! I knew that it existed, but here it just is. The Dee & Ricky Pony collaboration (actually it's alreadt the second collaboration with Pony). Of course you already have recognized the Dee & Ricky 1 and 2 G-Shocks. Well, if that isn't the right sign to invite you inside the store, I don't know anymore. 
There they are. I have never seen my "babies" like this before. Great stored at the Stüssy shirts. These are the first G-Shocks the visitors see. For the record, The DGK  and the Mr. Cartoon are not mine. I have two DGK's, but I choose other G-Shocks to exhibit. I don't have a Mr. Cartoon. Too much bloo. 
I did not have not a long time to watch at my Gs. "Hey, Sjors!". Finally I met Dreski, my fellow Dutch G-Shock Forum companion. 
Also Bernard Werk (Jeager LeCoultre Jacket) of Watching Magazine, Robert-Jan Broer (grey sweater, you'll se him later) of Fratello Watches Wristwatch Blog, Ernie Romers (with camera), owner and founder of Watchuseek, the biggest wristwatch portal in the world and a colleague of him arrived almost at the same time. This looks to be a promising evening. 
I stumbled upon this great guy. I didn't knew it was the owner of Acht. Thanks to Dimer of Ace for the photo (I hope you do not mind I use your photo).
Proof of my presence, wearing my gold Kiks TYO Logo shirt and my 30th Anniversary GF-8230A-4JR Frogman
Bas and me. Bas wears a GW-A1000 Aviator model (finally I had the chance to see how Direct Access works) and a black GB-6900AA-1.
The mojitos are served by a lady of Bacardi, the sponsor of the event. As I had to drive back for over two hours, luckily there was also an alcohol free variant. 
Maharishi, aLife, G-9330A-4DR and DW-6930A-4DR. You can also see Dale's Jam'in Color G-5500MC-5 from the back (actually, it could be Farid's too)
Ernie Romers is carefully observing this case. He seems to have interest in one of these Gs...
There he is, Robert-Jan Broer at an other G-Shock vitrine. 
Actually a lot of visitors show interest in the watches for sale. I think quite some Gs have been sold this opening night. 
The girl in the middle (with the pink blouse) is Tamarah of Ace. When you call to Ace Trends or go into a chat, you probably will get her on the other side. 
The Dj's of Venour and DJ Flava played a bunch of great grooving hip hop beats during the party. 
And of course, let's not forget, Acht is a sneaker store.
"Last Night a DJ Saved my my life"... Well, exaggerating is an art. No, the party was great, but my greatest high: LL Cool J with "Mama said knock you out". Actually ordered a Kiks TYO ball hat, like LL was wearing in the 80's. 
Me, with Alon Ben Joseph, chairman and CEO of Ace Jewelers, like Robert-Jan Broer, he's wearing the 30th Anniversary Mudman.
Owner of the Etnies Store Amsterdam. Great guy. Actually he was born and raised in Zeeland (Goes) too. As my son Bram likes to wear Etnies sneaker, we must visit the store, specially because they also sell limited edition G-Shocks and nice Oakley glasses. 
I think this was actually a cool Gators jacket. 
I love your abs, lady :-)
Look at that, the 30th Anniversary G-9330A-4DR Mudman was sold...
As you can see, Ernie is the proud owner of his new Mudman. Seems to match a button of his jacket. A very nice choice. 
A "Smurf" in the wild. 
And a Croc in the wild. 
I saw this hidden vitrine with this GW-6900A-9AER. I knew my son Bram really wanted to have this watch. He once even put on mine. Well, it's almost Saint Nicolas, so I think I know a very nice birthday present for him. 
It had been a great night. Time flew. I had to ride back to Middelburg. A pity, but I had to work the next day, so after about three and a half hours, it was time to go back. I pretty much like the city lights in the vijzelstraat, by the way. 
My view of the highway home. Two hours hours. Singing with the night radio and even whistling with Otis Redding's "(Sittin' on) The Dock of the Bay". Did you know that between the recordings of this song Otis Redding died. During an early recording he whistled the end of the song, where he later would enter the lyrics. He never made it to finish the song and that's why he whistle at the end of the song. Like if you are listening to death. Scary thoughts while you still have to drive alone for 75 minutes over dark highways. 
A big thanks to everyone at Ace Jewelers (Farid, Dale, Dimer, I have no ide why, but you managed to be on none of my photo's), Acht Amsterdam, Bacardi for having the guts to organize such a party. Also the great people visited the party. You were great!!! 

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