Wednesday, January 30, 2008

12 Gs. My rules.

Well the guidelines for the project.

  • A different G-Shock every month for one year starting on the first of the month.

  • If I have to buy a G-Shock it should be under $100.

  • However any amount less than $100 can be added to a future purchase.

  • At least one post per month no later than the 15th of the month on the current watch.

  • My rules, my blog, I can change them if I want. But I probably won't.
Any suggestions are welcome. I'll be posting a list of some of the models I'll be looking for soon.

Thanks for following along.

Sunday, January 27, 2008

#3 Never say...

Sometimes when you see something you think: "that's not for me". I had that feeling with the introduction in 2003 of the Cockpit series. G-Shock were for me tough watches with colorful designs in resin. The G-Shock I fell in love with were the DW-003 and DW-004 models. I had seen MR-G models, but even they were so not me back then. G-Shock can't be shiny metal.

On a day in 2003 I visited Ghent. In the Saint Bavo Cathedral I saw a German tourist wearing a G-510D. While the man was looking at some kind of relic, I observed the watch. It looked so much bigger than I though it was. And it looked kind of tough too. Still I wasn't convinced, but at least I got curious.

Then Casio made this. The G-520D-4AV with a red finish in the dial. Since red finish works on me as a red cloth to a bull, this was it. I fell for a cockpit. It was called "Cool Captor" in Germany. I bought it in March 2004. Wow, this watch was really something!

In 2006 a student of me wanted a G-Shock. She liked my G-520D and bought it from me for a friendly price. No problem I thought. I buy myself a new one. In Singapore there was a seller who had them on auction and the end prices did not end high. December 2006 I had a replacement watch. No it's not the watch in the picture. Don't ask me how, but in February 2007 the watch was stolen from my house. We had some drastic rebuilding in the house and quiet some workman have worked in the house. Somehow probably one of them got upstairs (the work was mainly in the basement!) and found my watches. Along with a DW-6900 Jam'In Color he took my G-520D. Bummer. For some months it looked like the seller had sold al these G-Shock's, but fortunaly a few months later I found one again.

I went to Ghent yesterday for some shopping. Wearing my favorite Cockpit model. I found some good beers in a beer house and these chocolate bars is a very nice cook and food shop.

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Sunday, January 20, 2008

#2 MRG-121 at the Beach

Today I wore my MRG-121. I love this watch. Actually it's a very different G-Shock. I am a kind of geek, I love Gadgets. This watch only displays time. Moreover, it shows only analog time.
The MRG-Series were released since 1996. The most importand feature is the steel case. A few first models had a resin strap, but most MR-G models have a solid steel bracelet.
The stainless steel models feel heavy and tough. The titanium models are much lighter. My preference are the heavy Stainless steel models.
I wanted to visit the beach between Domburg and Westkapelle. Somehow I couldn't get the family out of the house, so I finally went alone. I was quiet surprised about the stormy wind at the coast. It was hard to keep my camera still actually.
I went to the surfspot, a few kilometers further on the beach. The wind was sand blasting me. I was alone. Well, almost. A flock of oyster-catcher were desperately seeking protection behind a wind breaker. I tried to come closer, but I the birds limp away.
The thick grey sky was already bad for a sharp photo and now the sun was already setting too. It wasn't easy. The radio told me the wind was about 65 km/h. that's 7 to 8 beaufort!
My camera and my were a toy in the wind. Although my MR-G is heavy, I was worried that it would blow off the wind breaker.
I walked back on the other side of the dunes, while the sun was almost set already. Although a walk outside did me good, I was happy I returned in my car.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


And here is my contribution to the 50 Gs blog.

Sjors invited me to post along with him. My idea was for one G-Shock a month for a year. That will be a bit of a challenge for me as I currently own four. So follow along as my collection grows and I comment on the individual G-Shock I wear for the month. I will have updates on the 15th, but will also update on the current model as the mood strikes.

My G-Shock for the month of January is the G-056B

Have fun following along.

Monday, January 14, 2008

#1 21st Century Boy

Why 50 G's. Well, pretty simple because I was two weeks to late to start a full year weekly update. I will try to post once a week.
Greg of 12 G's will post his G 12 times.

My goal is to post a G-Shock every Sunday, Greg's goal is to post one of his G-Shock's on every 15th of the month.

First is a DW-003 designed by Gio Estevez for the 21st. Century Boys series. It ws released in November 1998. As you can see the paint is worn of over all the year. I think it makes it even look more better.

I hope you enjoy my almost one year G-Shock blog.