Monday, January 14, 2008

#1 21st Century Boy

Why 50 G's. Well, pretty simple because I was two weeks to late to start a full year weekly update. I will try to post once a week.
Greg of 12 G's will post his G 12 times.

My goal is to post a G-Shock every Sunday, Greg's goal is to post one of his G-Shock's on every 15th of the month.

First is a DW-003 designed by Gio Estevez for the 21st. Century Boys series. It ws released in November 1998. As you can see the paint is worn of over all the year. I think it makes it even look more better.

I hope you enjoy my almost one year G-Shock blog.

1 comment:

Aswin's said...

Hello Sjors!

I'm Aswin from Jakarta, Indonesia. I LOVE G SHOCKS!!! It's a child hood dream.
Now I'm owned a G5600E, a birthday present from my wife around a year or so a go. And actualy it's still my one and only Gs yet. Ihope to owned some more.
It's wonderful to see a dedicated man to Gs like you. I have just known you from WUS and other Gs on line.

Let me enjoy your collections and writings from your blog!!!