Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Intermezzo #3: Battetry change on a DW-9100 Riseman

I got this beautiful Riseman in last week. Neil from G-Shock Nation had it for sale. A bummer I broke my left arm, so I could not replace the battery when it came in. Well, most of the pain has gone now and I got a little strength in the fingers of my left hand. Time to try the battery changed. I want to see the EL backlight of this one BAD!Well, most of the G-Shocks is standard stuff, but the case of the good old Riseman is a little different , so I make a little topic.It isn't harder than a normal G-Shock battery change, not harder at all. Just a little different.First of all, remove the 5 screws on the sides. Once the screws are removed, you can lift off the protection ring on the back.Well, That looks more familiar, is't it? Just open the case like on a regular G-Shock.
I have marked in the following three photo's where the battery lock release is located with a red circle. Just put your sharp point tweezers in the small hole between the metal clip and the plastic of the module. Pull the clip forward (in the direction of "do not turn) and the lock easily pops loose. Never force a battery lock!
Now replace the battery and reset the module, like it is shown above. One leg of the tweezer on the AC contact, the other leg on the positive side of the battery.
Well, it's time to assemble the Riseman again. If needed, re-grease the gasket with silicon grease, so the watch remains water resistant after closing the back. The rubber module protector must be placed so, that the metal lips are sticking through. This way they make contact with the back.
Yeah! Finally I can see the pather backlight! Note that the band loop is inside out. I will put it right if I have two working hands again.


qplus said...

nice share bro
thanks a lot

TIMEasitis said...

Dear Sjor,

I just bought the white DW-9100....the strap is in bad condition...any idea where i can get replacement???


Unknown said...

Hello TIMEasitis,

I'm sorry. This model is more than 10 years old. It is very hard to get a genuine replacement strap for this old model. You can try Yahoo Auctions in Japan, but you need an agent to bid for you (there are several).

Kind regards,


Unknown said...

Hey, thank you, this kind of helped me, the screen glows but the numbers don't show. Any idea what can be the problem

Unknown said...

Hi Mark,

Iooks like you forgot the AC procedure. It might take more than one time to reset. Sometimes it is even good to leave the battery several hours out of the module if it won't like to be reset. Success!

Cristina Vanko said...

Thanks for teaching me how to reset the watch when replacing a battery.