Sunday, December 7, 2008

#48 Watch for a tough guy

The G-3110D was part of the winter 2001/2002 collection. The same model came out in Japan, though as G-3100 November 2001).

In Germany the name "Tough Guy" was given to this model. I think that's a good name. It is a pretty big and heavy model.
The G-3110D has a feature which was found on other G-3000 series watches from that time, a Duplex display.Except for black liquid crystal, other colors were used in a second or even a third layer.
The G-3110 has two black and a red layer. The watch allows you to choose between 12 color schemes. The eyes and the lower display can be switched between a positive display and a negative display with red digits.
Wouldn't it be a great feature on a G-Shock if you could switch between a positive and negative display. I don't think this will happen, switching the polarity of a full screen would probably use a lot more energy than simply turning the polarity of the film by 90°.
If you choose for red digits, the digits are accented with black lines. It sure improves the readability, but I am very curious how the screen would have looked without these accents.
Funny is that the red digits look translucent, but totally block the EL-backlight. If the backlight is used in the dark, the digits look black, but if you use the backlight in light circumstances, you keep seeing red digits.
The bottom display changes into a positive version, if you have chosen the negative option, when you activate the backlight. Else you probably would only see a black line.

Not only the duplex display is an eyecatcher. When you see the watch for the first time, you probably notice the big screen protectors, that stick out of the case like bull bars.
These protectors, coming out the metal bezel, were later seen on many Cockpit Series models. When I bought this watch I actually thought it was a G-Lide model, as these models often had the screen protectors.
Although there are G-3110 models with resin straps, I think a full metal bracelet looks best. The bracelet is very good adjustable. In the three fold clasp with lock you can adjust the bracelet by one third of a link.
The back of the case has a nice ergonomic back protector keeping the watch on it's place. It probably also is part of the shock absorbing structure.
You get surprisingly a lot of functions with this watch. The Telememo function is probably nowadays a useless function since almost everyone has a mobile phone, or a portable computer with build in camera, internet and phone function. I can't remember models with Telememo released the past 5 years.
The watch has 4 normal alarms and a snooze alarm on board.
In stead of Worldtime, the G-3110 has dual time. The time can be changed in steps of 30 minutes. I think there is something to say for this function. With all different DST settings in the world, it might be interesting if you just can change the dual time into the timezone you wish. As we say in the Netherlands: "You can't walk in seven ditches at a time".Further this watch holds a Stopwatch and a 24h Countdown Timer. For those who like this function, the current time is shown in all modes, except the Telememo mode (all digits are needed to show the name and telephone number.I think Casio gave the right name for this fellow. To be a Tough Guy is of course up to you, but the heavy feel and sturdy appearance of this watch helps you a lot on the way. The rest is up to you.
Special thanks to Bram and Azra.

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