Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Intermezzo #4

I made it. I really made it. The last article is almost ready to be published. I'm still working on it, but I think it's the biggest (in size) article I have ever written. When I am finished, I have written 50 articles about G-Shock's. Unbelievable!

That's 49 models being introduced. I accidentally wrote two times about the GW-9100K. Not a real problem I think. It is an awesome watch.

In my first posts I only made a few pics and a little story. Frankly I was not good in writing reviews. One of Greg’s first post inspired me to try to write more about a certain model. I am still not sure if I am a real good reviewer. There is always the language barrier that makes it harder to express yourself than in your native language. I also do not think I write real reviews. I mostly try to write a background story. How did I get the watch? How do I feel about the watch? Why is it special for me? Or why is it not?

Also I try not only to show the most popular models. If you search around for Mudman, Gulfman and Frogman, you'll find a lot of stories of happy and satisfied owners.

I think I was on the good way. I even got e-mail from people that bought a watch after reading one of my articles.

I hope 50 Gs was both entertaining and informative this year. I am still not sure, but maybe I will pick up the challenge next year to write again 50 articles about my favourite watches. If you like that, please encourage me with your comments! If you like a certain model to be in the spotlights, let me know. I can't promise anything, but believe me, I'll try.

I also take the opportunity to thank all my guest writers. If I might pick up 50 Gs next year I hope to see guest articles too from time to time.

Cheers from G-Peopleland,



Riley said...

Your 50Gs articles have been great Sjors. The 50th G should be quite special.

I look forward to seeing what you do next.

Jurphaas said...

Hi Sjors, well, this was a great series and some effort. still, I would like you to continue the series as there are somany G-Shocks around that people don't know about. So, I urge you to please continue your quest for an other 50 G-Shocks with a story to tell....
Be Good and Stay Safe!