Sunday, November 30, 2008

#47 Twisted Metal

Only three G-Shocks left before I get reach my goal. I thought I would never make it...

In November 1999 Casio released the first MT-G model, the GS-2000. The name of this series expresses the fusion of resin and metal used in these Gs.
There were 8 different models released between November 1999 and June 2000. I think this yellow GS-2000Y-1A9JF was the most striking of the bunch. It was released in May 2000.

I had seen photo's of GS-2000's before and always wanted to have one of these (the GS-2000-1A or this one). I'm glad I found one. Opening the small box I got it in was a special moment. I had waited long to see this model in real.
It was worth waiting for and I am so glad it is the yellow dial version. the basic black version looks good too, but the yellow dial gives a little more spice to the watch.
Eye catching are the resin parts of the links in the bracelet. The black rubberish parts look very nice on the strap.
These mix of resin and metal parts in the bracelet has brought back in the recent MTG-1000 models. For some time I think Casio lost it's way in the MT-G series. Specially when the first generation atomic models were released it looked like GW- and MTG- suffixes were used randomly.
The retail price of this model was 24000 yen, which makes it not a cheap watch, though not as expensive as the MR-G series.I think the new MTG-1000 and Giez models are now in the price range of this older MTG.

I can't say much about the functions of the watch. I do not think the 1799 module needs a manual. The only function this watch has is displaying analog time.
The seconds hand moves in 1 second increments. It gives funny results in long exposure photo's, like the one above. It is a 6 seconds exposure shot, so you see about 6 second hands if you look closely.
The crown is screwed in the case. You need to unscrew and pull out to set time. the crown is protected by two resin parts.
The dial shows a diagram. It probably shows the forces that apply on the watch at impact, which are absorbed by the shock absorbing structure.
The text "Water resist 20 Bar suspect this is a Japanese model. I am actually not sure if this model was released outside Japan. The only ones I have seen is the basic black (but also good looking) GS-2000-1A. For people who really can't live withoutd igital features, Casio released in June 2000 the MTG-5000. This was a similar looking model, but with a ana-digi module.
The lume on this watch may look great on my pictures, but I have to admit I used very long exposure times and a very bright light to load the luminescent paint. It would be really nice if Casio would use the same kind of paint as on my Seiko Orange monster. I don't need to read a book with it, but a little more lume would be perfect.

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