Sunday, February 13, 2011

G-Shock #6: Dawn Black Gulfman in Key West

 I have spend the last week in the City Theater of Middelburg and did not have much time to come up with a full story. Well, I probably could have written one, but I rather have a little more time to write and take photo's. Coincidentally my friend Riley had some spare time and also he had seen enough snow in Philadelphia. He took his car and drove south, ending up in Key West. I would have loved to follow him, because it has been pretty cold, wet and gray here in Middelburg too this winter. We had some e-mail contact about the local food and beers and I saw 50 Gs story in this. Well I asked Riley if he could do an article of his beautiful Gulfman and so here it is. I guess a lot of readers can use a little sunligh, so I hope you enjoy reading this Guest article.

It's a quiet Monday morning in Key West. Last night was the Super Bowl, and plenty of people here are still hungover and sleeping in. I lounge around in the big hotel bed for a while. And I think about what G-Shock would fit this lazy day at the beach. It's then decided that today is a good day for the Dawn Black Gulfman.
This watch is mostly black, but the dawn gold accents and brilliant LCD really make it shine. You'll never have a hard time reading the digits on this high-contrast display. And the tough rust resistant design really offers solid protection from the harshness of salt water and sand.
A giant Carnival cruise ship comes in to dock, blocking my view, so it's time to venture out into Key West.
I end up walking down the length of Duval St. to South Beach. It's a small strip of sand that looks out onto an endless ocean view south of the island. It's a beautiful sunny day, with the temperature range happily dwelling in the mid-70s°F (~23°C). You couldn't ask for a more perfect day.
There's small waves of water regularly coming in against the shore with the tide, and there's a bunch of seaweed that seems to have been drawn toward the west side of the beach. The Gulfman feels right at home here.
This little stretch of public beach is surrounded by dozens of private resorts. It's crowded now with people eager to soak in the warm sunlight and relax with the pleasant sounds of the surf.
The sun shines down brightly on the Dawn Black Gulfman, and you can clearly see all the nuances of the watch's interesting design. The big yellow G painted in the center of the stealthy black bezel leaps out.
This G-Shock has a very sturdy construction and chunky lines. It's solid, and yet comfortable and well-balanced. There's two sets of interlocking brass screws that hold the band securely to the module.
The gold-background LCD glows dazzlingly in the direct sunlight. You can see the tide graph and moon phase indicator in the middle of the display. This G-Shock is meant for the coast.
There's no need to worry about the Gulfman here.
All the Gulfman models have a titanium case back. This particular model is a limited 25th Anniversary edition from 2007, so it has a specially engraved case back. The rough and dark finish of the titanium gives the case back a negative look, with the letters shining brightly in the light. Inside is a fitting 3088 module that has all the features need for this location.
There's a matching gold clasp on the band that's stamped "Casio Japan" on its underside. It's a nice touch that balances out the plain matte resin band.
All four buttons have a cross-shaped pattern on them. They are a dark gray color that adds a little character to the overall look. These hard plastic buttons are separate from the bezel, and remain on the module when the bezel is removed.
It's time to head back from the beach and explore inland, back down Duval St. This is the main concourse of shops and activity in Key West. It's overflowing with tourists and attractions. The streets are filled with rented scooters and bicycles. And nearly everyone has a drink in their hand.
I walk out away from the tourist area to an out-of-the-way Irish pub named Finnegan's Wake. It was recommended to me by a former professional basketball player from the Czech Republic. Apparently, it's the only bar in the Key West that has Pilsner Urquell on tap. It's a quiet oasis on this busy island, and it's frequented mainly by locals.
A cold beer on a hot sunny day really hits the spot. It's time to relax in the cool shade of this beer haven for a while.
This place has an extensive beer list, with over 30 beers on tap, and plenty more in bottles.
My fitting Irish meal consists of bangers, bacon, potatoes, porkloin, baked beans, eggs and pumpernickel toast with honey butter. It took a few beers to make it through this journey of a meal.
After all that food and beer, it's time to walk around outside for a while. It's starting to cool down and the sunset is coming soon, so I slowly make my way back to my hotel to catch the event from my well-positioned balcony.

The sun sets down over the ocean as the Gulfman and I look on in awe. It's a beautiful and relaxing sight to behold. It's been a fine day with a great G-Shock.

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Anonymous said...

Great watch. Had the opportunity to get one just 2 months ago but in the end I backed out, which I regretted until today. Why do I read so many comments on WUS that the Gulfman is an uncomfortable watch?