Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Intermezzo #42: New Bible has arrived.

I just came home and found a large envelope on the doormat. It came form my friend and colleague G-Shock collector Yamazaru-san (a.k.a. Risefreak a.k.a. 山猿) in Kyoto. Before I could even open the envelope, I also received my new glasses from the courier service. Of course I knew what was in the envelope. It was the new G-Shock Perfect Bible 2011, which was released in July 2011. Let's have a clear look at this mook*
It starts off with e LOVE "G"  pages, with people from the street wearing G-Shocks. I have saved the photo's in a larger format than usual. If you want to see them full format, right-click on the image and open in a new tab (op window).  It's of course not done to copy the whole book (copy rights, etc), but I have taken a few photo's to show you what this is all about.
Some series have more spotlights on the next pages, like the Love The Sea And The Earth and the G-Lide series.
The present basic models (2011)
Pages of special series and a preview of the Blue Tooth G-Shock.
There is an interview with Shiro Nakano of the " Play Set Products" design team, who has created the G-Men.
Pages about the latest technology used in modern G-Shocks.
The inevitable pages with history and time lines.
More "We LOVE "G"
G-Popularity pages. What's the most popular I.C.E.R.C. model, which is the most popular Collaboration model (United Arrows!), etc.
Pages with a chronological appearance of all G-Shock models (in Japan) like on G-Shock Perfect Search. 
End of the line!
Some more background information about special G-Shock features, model numbers and the difference between 200m Water Resistance and 20 Bar Water Resistance.
The "G-Shock Perfect Bible 2011" is available in Japan at book stores for 880 yen ($11.50, 8.00). Outside Japan you probably have to look for people and shops who sell this book. I have seen them for sale in Hong Kong and the Philippines already, though the price is quite higher (and don't forget that intercontinental shipping isn't cheap either). I can't finish this intermezzo with a BIG THANK YOU to Yamazaru-san, which made it possible for me to get this bible for an afordable price.
* Mook is a Japanese term for a luxurious magazine that looks more like a book. It's a subtraction of the words Magazine and Book.


Galpo said...

As usual, very interesting read :)
This bible ignited my "turned-off" love for g-shocks, or at least I think it was. The history and early models speak to me, the connection to T-shirts and shoes too, but can't say I like the inflation in size of some new models. Again, this article was a joy to read,Tnx, Galpo.
BTW: your new glasses are very cool,
reminds me (or maybe are) the RayBan classic model.

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment Galpo.

The glasses are just for fun. It's clear glass and they look better on me than on that photo (I think I look a bit weird there), but I have no other pics of me wearing them, ha ha.

Actually I got also a nice Oakley in that suits me more :-)