Saturday, December 24, 2011

Intermezzo #45: Greetings from G-Peopleland!

Yeah! I made it! The article about the Revman last week was the last G-Shock article for 2011. Earlier this year I have been in doubt if I could go on for a next 50 models or would do a sabbatical year and start in 2013 totally over again. Although I have over 500 G-Shocks (next year I might even break through the 600 barrier), I have quite a lot of models double (one for the collection, one for wearing fun). Also there are of course special models from different series that are based on the same basic model. There have been quite a few DW-6900’s passed in the past  years.
According the post list of 50 Gs, 270 articles were written since January 2008. Most of them were from my hand, but there are also, of course, the articles of guests. I hope I can invite some of these guest to do an article next year (I think Martback and I had still something in the pipeline). 2013 is a special year for G-Shock, but I expect that, like in 2007, the first 30th Anniversary models will appear in the dawn of the celebration in 2012. Next year II will probably grab back a few times to models that have already passed the revue on 50. I think that will be not such a problem. I think G-Shock got gained a lot of new fans last year who not only like to read about the newest models, but also like to learn about the long history of G-Shock models.
I’m of course curious what models I will buy in 2012. I have bought only 39 G-Shocks this year, but If you keep in mind that under these G-Shocks were a MR-G Frogman, a Revman and an unused Men In Yellow Frogman, you probably can imagine I didn’t had too much funds to buy more G-Shocks. On my wanted list are the Matte Dial series models (I only have the pink version), the forthcoming red Blue Tooth model and maybe the metal GW-3500 Sky Cockpit model. Let’s see if I can acquire these next year, and review them here of course.
So did other interesting things happen in G-Peopleland? I have always my eyes open on interesting T-Shirts and music. 2011 was the year I finally found the LP “Go Weird”by the Wibbley Brothers from 1982. I had been looking for this album since its release, but I live a bit in the outback here and back in those days there was only the wireless . I hope Ronnie and Terrie Wibbley will release this album also on CD in the near future.

I still haven’t bought the new album of Justice, but I very much liked the first single of the album, “Audio, Video, Disco”. Since I saw someone referring to this song (and Justice’s  French pronunciation of the title) as “Oreoooooo, Oreooooo, Oreoooo, Video, Disco” the song only excist as such in my head. Again a great video by SoMe.

My Friend Hilde from Delft passed me this video last week. I have to be honest that I would use computers to get this effect, but it’s much greater to see this visually. It reminds me to the scratcher of our band. He also could scratch faster than his shadow. 
For those who follow my Japanese weblog (well, nowadays the texts are normally both in Japanese as in English), you probably have seen I got a big Lego Millennium Falcon from Saint Nicolas earlier this month. A week ago, after I had finished my 50th 50 Gs article, I had finally time to build this spaceship. Of course I had a timer and a camera pointed on me building this set and I made a Stop Motion movie of the building process. Now I see that moustache... I'm glad I got rid of it a few weeks ago, ha ha.

This autumn my friends at Kiks TYO made a collaboration Tee with the urban fashion shop Gorilli in Rotterdam. I read the Gorilli blog from time to time, who come up with nice items from time to time. Unfortunately I couldn’t go to the Nigel Sylvester release party a few months ago at Gorilli, because I would have liked to be there very much. Well, I also had missed a meeting with Dee and Ricky in Amsterdam last week.  

Also from Kiks TYO I got a very nice Duck Camo thermo lined Hoody. I might be ordering their Landscape Logo and 44Klash collab shirt in the near future. I also keep an eye open to their Lucky Package deals. These package deals will be sold on their website around New Year. It’s a great way to add some new shirts to your collection.

Well, that’s enough text for this year I guess. From G-Peopleland I wish you all a Happy Christmas and a G-Reat New Year. À bientôt!

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