Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Intermezzo #52: Tees and Trains

I was visiting an event of historic trains called "Sporen naar het Verleden" ("Tracks to the Past") a week ago. As long as I can remember I love trains and riding in them. Above you can see me posing before the "Red Devil". Actually my friend and huge G-Shock collector Yamazaru-san from Kyoto is also a train lover. I had made a movie of this event and showed it my friend DougFNJ (expect a new article from him here soon) he told me I should post it here on 50 Gs. Well, not sure why. You probably only see Bram his blue metallic DW-6900. Well, if you like trains, here some footage of the event. Sorry about the predictable music...
If you are mad about (historic) trains too, check out my posts on my Japanese weblog (with English translation): 
My friends at Kiks TYO and Sneaker Freaker are releasing a collaboration Tee. Kiks TYO uses a full print on the back for the first time. It's a must have for the real Sneaker Freaks. Did you ever read the Sneaker Freaker interview with me?
Also returned are the Summer Lucky Packs. You can choose between a ¥5000 and a ¥10000 Lucky Pack. I am a big fan of those lucky packs, simply because you never know what you get. I have bought several Lucky Packs in the past and was always pretty satisfied of the content.
Did you check your soles? Kiks Tyo now has a Tee inspired by the sole (soul?) of the AJX Jordan. I have no idea which sneaker this is, but the result is cool! Between the lines you find timeline facts of Michael Jordan. Pretty cool detail.
Well, back to the keyboard. Need to write the next G-Shock article for Sunday.

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