Thursday, September 20, 2012

G-Shock #40: Eric Haze's 30th Anniversary model

For the 30th Anniversary of G-Shock Casio asked Eric Haze again to do the house style of the 30th Anniversary G-Shocks and promotions. Like the DW-5000EH in 2008 for the 25th anniversary, Eric Haze was allowed to make his own 30th Anniversary signature model. Actually this GA-110EH is the first Eric Haze model that shows up in the Anniversary models line-up on GPS (G-Shock Perfect Search). Not a big deal, Eric Haze even has his own special series line on GPS.
Eric Haze (1961) has developed from a Graffiti Artist in the early 80‘s to a well known artist. He worked on graphics for well known Hip Hop acts, like Public Enemy, LL Cool J and the Beaslie Boys. Now he’s mostly known for his graphic designs for a lot of brands, like Stussy, Casio, Nike and Huf. He even did a collaboration with our Dutch Heineken.
His trademarks are the use of the colors white, black and red, hand drawn marker lines, arrows and stars, of course signed with his well known Haze signature.
His first collaboration with Casio dates back from 1999. The result was the DW-6900M-8T, from a series known here in Europe as the Silver Collection. In 2006 Casio released the G-304EH-7, the second collaboration model. In 2008 the 25th Anniversary DW-5600EH-7 was released. Also the house style of the overseas 25th anniversary packaging and the 25th Anniversary logo were designed by Eric Haze. Last year Eric Haze was asked to make a logo for 3 Hope Japan models, which were sold to raise funds for the victims of the earthquake on March 11 2011. Of course these models were not marketed as Eric Haze models. The name Japan Hope was chosen to point to the reason of creation. Only 100 of each model were made (so 300 in total), so these are not easy to find and unfortunately If you find one, the sellers often ask ridiculous prices to make profit over the heads of the victims of this enormous Japanese disaster.
With his work for Casio and specially designing the house style of G-Shock’s 25th anniversary, it is n of a surprise that Eric Haze also was responsible for the 30th anniversary house style. Of course, with this house style there should be a collaboration watch. This model was shown to the public for the first time on the Shock The World party in New York on the 9th of August 2012. It was displayed together with his three other collaboration models. Finally it’s out, the GA-110EH-8A. Just over a week ago it was released in Japan, now it’s also available in Europe.
The package is again very beautiful. It comes in a special 30th Anniversary Tin covered with a ditto box. The box is grey, black and white and features the Haze logo and a lot of stars and of course, the 30th Anniversary logo. It looks similar to the package of the overseas 25th Anniversary products. Now also the Japanese 30th Anniversary models have a similar package (Except for the GWF-T1030A-1, the very limited titanium Atomic Frogman).
While the last collaboration was a smaller G-Shock model, Eric Haze now had put his hands on one of the biggest current models (wow, comes to my mind, what would an Eric Haze King have looked like!), the GA-110. Luckily for me, it is my favorite model in Casio’s current X-Large line. It has been a while that a nice BIG case model was put on the market that I liked (well, the breezy colors, featured here last week was also very nice).
The watch has been designed very well in my opinion. Maybe not the best watch to wear for an official meeting at the office. The design is both serious and playful. The finish of the resin is pearl silverish grey (thanks Darnell, for the right description). On both straps there is a nice Haze loge in red and black and also a line of 6 stars. Three of these stars also return in silver on the black strap keeper. On the dial the red and black color contrast heavily on a silver background. I think it is also maybe the most readable GA-110 ever made. The red hands are clear visible over the white dial and black displays, we’ve seen quite less readable GA-110’s (GA-110GB-1A for instance). The red inner ring (around the digital displays and the speed dial) and a red outer ring, which is partially hidden behind the bezel, draw your attention to this watch. I always loved my DW-6900M-8T, the first Haze collaboration, but now I think it has a real competitor in my collection. Maybe this is going to be my favorite Haze collaboration model.
The back of the watch reveals that the case (under the bezel) is red. The back plate has the 30th Anniversary logo etched on it. It would f course be strange if the Eric Haze model wouldn’t have this logo.
Like the GA-110SN featured last week, this model is based upon the GA-100 with the 5146 module. I think I have described this module properly last week, so I won’t repeat the functioning on of the 5146 module, but I also think I forgot to mention a few points. Let’s see what I have to add.
I am the feline equivalent of Droopy the dog.
One of the thinks which annoys me a bit on the GA-110 is the silent buttons. When you change modes, it’s good to hear the button tone. Most modern G-Shocks have a different button tone when you get back in Time Keeping Mode, which makes it easy to change from the mode you are in, back to Time Keeping Mode blind. Normally I never noticed this, until I wear a GA-110. I actually use the mode button to scroll more than I thought on the lab.
Not too long ago someone complained on the G-Shock Forum about the watch not having an AutoIlluminator. Wrong. It does have one. It’s not even hard to find, it works quite like most 4 button controlled G-Shocks. Simply press and hold the light button for about 4 to 5 seconds. The watch lights up, but keep it pressed until the light has turned off for about a second. Now check if it lights up when you turn your wrist…
The same poster also complained that it wasn’t possible to adjust the hands. Well, wrong again. It is clearly written in the manual too in the paragraph “Hands Home Position Correction”. It’s again a press and hold operation, but then with the bottom left button. For the proper use of this function I rather refer to the on-lime manual. I also strongly suggest only to do when you suspect the hands are really off their position.
Evelien is a student here, wearing the Eric Haze. Nice kiks too!
Pelle is another student with a Haze. He has actually a few G-Shocks.
The GA-110EH-8A has been a watch I have been waiting for. I got some inside information this in spring and I thought instantly this was a watch I wanted to have. When I saw the first pics of this model, I was immediately sold. I got mine from Unknown ( I had asked a few weeks ago to put two aside for me (one to wear, one for the collection). Last Tuesday I was contacted that they were sent out from Casio to the shop. As I didn’t want any delay, I arranged instant payment and two days later (it took one day shipping to the shop and one day shipping to me) the package was delivered at my school.
Maybe it is the best GA-110 model made. As far as I know the watch is not really limited, which makes this an affordable good looking G-Shock for everyone. It is priced €140 in The Netherlands and probably throughout Europe, which is only €10 above a normal GA-110 model. Maybe not a model for everyone’s liking, but in my opinion a great looking watch. This one is going to have a lot of wrist time!


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