Thursday, January 10, 2013

Intermezzo #62: Tough Stuff, Spring Summer 1999 Catalogue.

A lot of research for older G-Shock models has been gotten easier by the G-Shock Perfect Search (GPS) database, but this database only shows details of Japan releases. Sometimes you want to know more about models that were released in Europe or the USA a long time ago, to find out different color variations and pricing. I'm specially intereted in catalogs before 2000, as after 2000 I started collecting and I was there myself when it all happened. Luckily I have some older catalogs, which help me find information GPS doesn't provide. I have posted this catalog about 5 years ago on Watchuseek in the Articles section of the G-Shock forum.  As I was looking for special information, I thought I will post it on 50 Gs also. I also re-vamped the photo's, as my photo edit skills have been improved a bit over the years. Expect more Catalogs to come.  Enjoy.

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