Thursday, May 23, 2013

Intermezzo #64: Hook Ups Update!

Well, when I started my article about the Hook Ups model, I made sure I could get all three models in the US. As the Dutch Customs are nasty as Hell, I asked a friend of me to buy these for me in the US. With a little delay, they finally landed here in The Netherlands. All three.
It started a few months ago, when I discovered a little shop on Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles (near Hollywood) still had a few of these left. I had seen these for sale a very long time. And with very long, I do not mean weeks or months. It might even be very good possible this is the physic shop where I bought my first DW-003HU-4 from in 2002. That means literally maybe 10 years or more I had seen them for sale.
 So, how nice does that feel if you open a box and see these funny cubes. Since I have a room totally filled with G-Shocks, I would not mind if Casio went back to this more smaller handy and environment friendlier packaging. It does also store quite a lot easier and for special editions, it would not be to hard to print these in fancy colors.
I do not know if you can read the color codes, so -3V stands for Green, -4V stands for Red and  -9V stands for yellow. HU means Hook Ups of course, but I think that's clear.

Nice classic '90s fronts, but we want to see butt!
\m/  YEAH!!!  \m/
All little ジルミ クライン artworks together. One becomes quiet for a while seeing this...finally. I love them!
And for the shirts? I think that The Hundreds still do not know they had the second collaboration with Jeremy Klein's Hook Ups. Anyway, not really important I think.  I got two of these shirts. Alas, with a hefty €29.- customs bill and a week delay, "Le Douanier est devenu fou, complétement!"... But they are awesome!
And my first Hook Ups? That's a wearer for sure now. I really love this piece! That will be on my wrist for a while now, I think! So, what do you think of this, (maybe we can call it vintage now) G-Shock?

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what the Name of the shop you got it from on melrose