Saturday, March 7, 2015

Intermezzo #77: The forgotten 50 Gs Teaser

I started already in October 2014 for this new series of 50 Gs. As you can see in this short funny "Making of a 50 Gs Photoshoot" movie, it was still warm and sunny. The time-lapse movie was shot with my Olympus TG-3 camera, which I had then only a few days. So it was also a kind "Let's see what this camera can do". Originally I intended to post this video the new series started in January, but around that time I made 50 Gs teaser with the MRG-121, which was featured first. Anyhow, we had quite a lot of fun watching this movie (it actually introduced my son Bram into the amazing world of Benny Hill).

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