Sunday, February 22, 2009

#7 My sweet green jelly W.C.C.S. DW-9600WC

This sweet looking watch is a DW-9600WC-3BT. This model is made to promote the W.C.C.S.So I tried to get some information of this organization via Google. It appears that W.C.C.S. is an abbreviation of a lot of things.
A small summery:

Wallece Community College Selma (Alabama), Withley County Consolidated Schools (Indiana), World Congress of Chiropractic Students, Westminster Catawba Christian School (South Carolina), Washington Council of County Surveyors, West Coast Computer Systems, Workshop on Complete cDNA Sequencing, WCCS Radio Wheaton College, WCCS radio station (1160-AM), Homer city Pennsylvania, Washington Classical Christian School, Windows Compute Cluster Server, Watford Christian Counseling Service (UK), World Communications Charter School (Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), West Coast Collegiate Series, Western Carolina Communication Systems, World Class Computer Systems (The Hague, NL), Walnut Creek Cabinet Source (California), World Pacific Contact Center Solutions (Philippines, someone forgot tot include the P). White Cloud Computer Services (Michigan), Wisconsin Correctional Center System, West Coast cat masters, Westmister Community Charter School (Buffalo, NY), Wavefront Correction Control System...
Finally on the third page after reading 50 descriptions I was not looking for, I found two links to W.C.C.S. G-Shocks that were for sale and finally I found my own W.C.C.S. web page. Strangely there is nowhere a lead to the World Coral-reef Conservation Society to find. You might at least find this strange, because Casio released W.C.C.S. models from 1997 until 2000.
You might think an important organization had a website around that time. Probably this organization has been submerged into a bigger one. If you look at the Wikipedia page about the coral reef, a look at the bottom of the page learns there are at the moment 41 organizations active for protection and conservation of the coral reef.
In the advert of the watch, Casio says coral reefs are the forests of the sea. They synthesize oxygen out of carbon dioxide by photo synthesis. Actually the coral itself is a polyp like animal with a calcium carbonate exo-skeleton, which consumes oxygen, but it lives in symbiosis with a single cell algae called Zooxanthella.
This algea provides 90% of the energy for the coral biotope, while the coral provides a constant stream of carbon dioxide (for photosynthesis) and protection.
Lets go back o the watch. I got this watch in June 2006, from my friend and co-moderator on the G-Shock forum DragonJade.
It was for sale for a bargain price. I'm not sure, but I elieve the price was lowered to around $60.- shipped from Japan. It was for sale for almost a month.
I first thought it was a custom dyed model. Normally the W.C.C.S. and I.C.E.R.C. models have clear jelly straps and bezels and certainly they don't have 2 tones.
I found out it was actually real. In June 1998 there were 6 different DW-9600WC models launched. Different from the I.C.E.R.C. DW-9200,which looks close to these models and even shares the 1845 module, the strap is connected to the case with strap adapters. Therefore it has the surf look of the G-Lide series.
The color green is very fresh. The photo's I took are taken with dim daylight, so I didn't have to correct for light.
On the inner part of the strap there is a crab printed. Probably there are a lot of crabs in coral reefs. On the long end the full name of the organization is printed.On the shiny titanium screw-back is the logo of the W.C.C.S. etched. It looks like blood coral with fish swimming through it.
Jelly watches are real summer watches. If the sun shines, light plays with the straps and bezel. The matte finish makes that jelly parts lead light through all the resin.
Besides the basic Alarms (5!), Stopwatch and Countdown Timer function, this watch has a Telememo function, that can store 30 sets of names (8 digits) and telephone numbers (12 digits).
The 1845 module also has an auto light switch. When activated the watch will illuminate when it's tilt for about 40º parallel to the ground. When the illumination is activated, you will notice this watch shows a typical creature that lives between the coral reefs. The beautiful manta ray.


Unknown said...

I've seen all of your WCCS watches on your g-peopleland site, but I notice you don't have any of the WCCS Frogs! Why is that?

Unknown said...

Uhhh, probably I never got one. I would love to have one or a W.C.C.S. model. I really do, but there are so many Gs I want, I have to choose, since I do not have a big budget actually.