Sunday, March 27, 2011

Intermezzo #35: DJ's Okonomiyaki

The chief assistant in the Machida restaurant was wearing this apron
Let's get totally Off Topic today in this intermezzo. DragonJade posted a post about Okonomiyaki on his View Japan weblog. Only the word makes me hungry. On the last day I was in japan, we went to Machida. He asked me if I would like to eat Okonomiyaki. "What's that"? I asked. "Oh, that's a small Japanese ancake with vegetables" he said. I like hearty pancakes, so that sounded like no problem to me. It's funny Okonomiyaki is referred to it's pancake. It's such a small part of the dish. One thing for sure, it was one of the best things I have ever tasted!
DragonJade made this video aboveof the preparation of his Italian Okonomiyaki with Salami, tomatoes and cheese in a Okonomiyaki restaurant in Shibuya..
Above is the Okonomiyaki I had in December 2010. It was a version with bacon, eggs and a lot of cheese. If I'm correct it was the most expensive on the menu, but 1200 yen is still a very friendly price for such a big meal. The first thing that came to my mind when it was served: "How do I eat all of this". Not quite a small meal, but very delicious.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Sjors. I think the okonomiyaki we had in Machida was bigger than the one I had the other night because I had room for dessert!