Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Intermezzo #40: G-Shock Sunglasses

In 2005 I obtained G-Shock sunglasses from a seller in Japan. I probably paid too much for it, probably around $100, but it is almost impossible to get this item outside Japan. If I'm correct, there were more models, but it's already a long time ago, so I don't remember and information about these goodies is scarce.These sunglasses were probably a gift with a purchase of a G-Shock.
G-Shock Pilot glasses at Shock The World 2011, June 16, Amsterdam
At Shock The World Amsterdam in June 2011 I saw these pilot sunglass in the style of the classic Ray Ban Aviator.  Friend and watch collector Mart (a.k.a. Lester Burnhan) stood next to me and joked that my collection would not be complete without these glasses. A few weeks ago he sent me a private message. He saw these glasses on auction in Germany. Although the auction was only for Germany, I got permission to bid on it from the seller. The shipping costs were, like the seller, very friendly. I placed a bid and won with a final bid of  €17.50. A week later I received it here. The total costs were just above €20.-!
This is the case of the G-Shock sunglasses I got in 2005. I pretty much like the style of these glasses. I very much like Oakley sports sunglasses (I have two straight Jackets and a Monster Dog) and these glasses pretty much match that style.
These G-01 sunglases, shown above, were probably only available in Japan. I have no idea about when they were made, but I suspect somewhere around 2000.
This is the case of the G-Shock Pilot sunglasses. They were given away with the purchase of a G-Shock , probably around 2009, as I found an old sales post on a German watch forum  from 2009, selling the same model sunglasses.

Well, frankly the Ray Ban Aviator style glasses are not my piece of cake, but this is how they look like on my head (iPhone pic).


neotrooper said...

is that an iphone app to create that comic book effect? what's it called?

Unknown said...

Hi NeoTrooper,

It's an app called Half Tone. I also purchases Toon Paint as they combine good together.

It's too bad there is no making off. When I explained Eva how to look on the picture she couldn't stop laughing for a long time.



Lester Burnham said...

Nothing wrong with those glasses Sjors, they're just haters ;)

Zincha said...

I'have the first sunglasses and i love them, if anyone is interested ,I saw them the on Ebay: