Sunday, October 23, 2011

Intermezzo#44: No G today, but my love hasn't gone away.

It has been a very busy week for me in Middelburg. Of course a lot of work in the last week for the Autumn Vacation at school, but I was also away a lot. I tried to start an article a few times this week, but I never got further than a white sheet in Word, as there was every time something going on that needed my attention. There is one article still in reserve, but I still haven't received the photo's yet. Normally when there is not much time, I write my article on Sunday, like last week's article, but today I'm occupied.
I'm preparing for the Blind Beer Tasting Contest of South Netherlands today (The winner goes to the National Finale on November 13). Fist of all, I took a good brunch. I had a great simple omelet in the Ardennes this summer. Just salt and fresh crunched pepper and some toast. 
Well, I do not make a big chance. On the list of beers there are only a few beers I know well and in those categories there are at least pairs of to to confuse you more. You get a sample of beer in each category. I think I am having a big party if I only taste one beer right. In 2007 I was 3rd, with an amazing 3 beers out of 8. You should try it yourself. It's a lot harder than it sounds. I also caught a big cold Friday. I need my nose a little too, as smell is an important part of tasting well. Check the list bellow and wish me luck.
I thought I wear this. Probably the most wrong T-Shirt in my closet (next to the "Hello Titty" shirt I got for my birthday). I do not know if I am going to post a G-Shock article this week, but I'll be present next Sunday I'll guess. Until then, enjoy the new video : Audio, Video, Disco".  of Justice, that's spinning around my head the past two weeks. I had a good laugh at one of the comments on this video: "oreooooo, oreoooooo, oreooooooooooo, video, discooooo". Now I'm hungry again...


Alan From New York said...

Good luck!

Unknown said...

Thanks Alan,

Unfortunately I ended somewhere in the back. I only had one beer of 8 tasted right. I had convinced a friend of me also to participate. He had three of 8 beers right. It was good for a (shared) 2nd place! First place winner had 4 beers out of 8!