Wednesday, March 14, 2012

G-Shock #12: G-Shock x The Hundreds feat. Adam Bomb.

Well, I know I was trying to write purely about the "Techno" or "Gundam" models this month, but look what is in this package!
This "The Hundreds x G-Shock" model and some T-shirts are begging for attention on my 50 Gs weblog! So here is an exception to my "Techno March" rule. 
In March 2012 Casio released another big G-Shock collaboration. The street fashion brand The Hundreds have been booming the past years. I think I heard of this brand about 2-3 years ago. I work at a school, which is a good place to see what the trends are in street fashion.
When I heard that there would be a collaboration with The Hundreds, I knew this would be a popular model. Frankly I thought the watch would be primarily popular by fans of street fashion, but the fuzz was also high in the G-Shock collectors community.

There was a rumor the watch would be released in February in my country and probably in most parts in Europe, but at the end of February the release was delayed officially to begin April. Just before I heard about this delay I contacted my favorite sneaker shop “Unknown” in Alkmaar, if they could contact me if they come in. I had a bit of bad luck with the Dee & Ricky when I missed the first batch, which came out a week earlier than expected and I want to have one of the first batch, so I have a little time to write bout this model.
Already before the watch came out, I got e-mails and PMs where to order this model. On February 29th this model was released officially. Frankly I get a little bit careful to give too much information where I get my models from, as I might cut off my own source. Nowadays there are people buy collaborations in big numbers for retail prices before real collectors can get their hands on them and have to double the retail price. Since I am a simple collector with a modest salary, I try to get my G-Shocks for a good price and not for an artificial inflated price.
I think I am somewhat lucky the watch was released first int he US, so that most collectors can buy their Hundreds G-Shock there. Still I was amazed that the first batch that Unknown got, were sold in one day. Since these watches arrived pretty early, I guess the other two went to sneaker freaks or fans of The Hundreds. The official release of this model was planned for the beginning of April, so there will be more available.
I have been trying to find out the numbers of this model made. It is pretty hard to say, but since it is a worldwide release I think you should think about 2000 to 5000, but probably closer to 2000 than 5000. Unfortunately exact numbers are not known.
So what is “The Hundreds”? The Hundreds is a men’s street fashion brand and magazine, founded in 2003 by law students Bobby Kim and Ben Shenassafar, who were looking for a way getting out of their study at a law school. The brand is probably best known for their pretty cool bomb logo, which is called “Adam Bomb”. They started in their shop on Rosewood Ave in the Fairfax District in Los Angeles. Now there are 4 shops. Beside the shop in Los Angeles, there is one in Santa Monica, one in San Francisco and one in New York. Beside the US based website with magazine, on-line store and blogs, there is also a Japanese website with an on-line store and weblog. It’s actually not too hard to find clothing by The Hundreds, as you can find it at good street fashion shops world wide too. My shirts come all from Dutch stores (Unkonwn is also an official The Hundreds dealer). The brand can be compared with other small US street fashion brands that have been grown pretty large land are also very popular in Japan, like Stüssy and Supreme.
This G-Shock is the second collaboration with The Hundreds. The first one was actually an XLarge x The Hundreds X G-Shock collaboration in June 2008. For this collaboration The Hundreds used the newest 5600 style model, the GW-M5610, full model number GW-M5600TH-1ER. The watch has a very nice black and white style. Most striking is that one of the straps is white. I think that is pretty cool on this watch. You find small The Hundreds logos back on both straps. On the white straps there are the locations of three of their stores, Los Angeles, San Francisco and New York. No idea what happened to the Santa Monica shop. Maybe that shop is not a big one, or it is so close to Los Angeles that it wasn’t worth mention as a location. On the black trap there is also a big The Hundreds logo. A little stealth detail is that all visible metal parts (buckle, bezel screws and buttons) are black. Pretty cool actually.
The GW-M5610 is the recent successor of the GW-M5600. The first GW-M5610 model came out in November 2011 and thus far already 8 models, including this one, have been released since.The most important improvement is that this model is now Mulriband 6, which means it can receive the atomic signal from 6 public transmitters of Atomic time in the world, 2 in Japan, 1 in China, 1 in the US and 2 in Europe.
Extra photo's added March 15. Photo's taken by Richel Cominencia
The GW-M5610 had pretty basic functions. When you press the mode button, you get into the following modes, World Time Mode, with 48 cities in 29 timezones, Alarm Mode, with 5 alarms (one is a Snooze Alarm), a 24 hour Stopwatch Mode and a 24 Hour Countdown Timer. For those who have been looking for improvements of the functions, compared to the GW-M5600, the Countdown Timer is now 24 hours, where it was a 60 minutes version on the GW-M5600. The Stopwatch function has been reduced to a more normal 24 hour type. Personally I think this is more than sufficient. I think if you are timing for about a month (1000 hours is more than 41 days), you probably think more in a scale of days instead of minutes or seconds.
The recommended retail prices vary quite a bit. In Japan the retail price is ¥25000 (€230, $300), In Europe the retail price is €169 (¥18300, $220) and in the US it’s $169 (€130, ¥14000). You can see it is not interesting to order this watch in Japan as the retail price there is almost double. For Europe it is also not interesting to import from the US, as only the shipping cost would make it less interesting (set aside the 20% tax plus custom fees added if you are not lucky). My advise, if you want one, be quick and look for one on your continent. This model looks very nice for a 5600 collaboration and the very nice designed box is also a big plus.

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Jennifer said...

This was release for how many years but i just got this gshock recently at PIJ, not so bad at all. what i like this was it was look neat, simple but attractive. Good site of hundreds review. I like the way you use bomb picture at the upper most of all the picture. Hundreds is like a bomb.