Sunday, April 29, 2012

G-Shock #20: Fire-G

I was a bit going through my collection this week and discovered that there is actually not too much G-Shocks that I haven’t reviewed here. Even worse, I picked up two models, but found out I already have reviewed them here. Somehow, I was already a bit afraid this would happen. Actually I was thinking in December to get a sabbatical on 50 Gs, so I can gain a little more energy for another series of 50 G-Shock articles. With the 30th anniversary coming up in 2013, which falls together with the 10th anniversary of G-Peopleland and also 50 Gs will be 5 years in 2013, it would have been good to take a break. With a break of a year, it would be easier to start again fresh and review also models that were already had been on 50 Gs.
After some search I found this Fire-G at the bottom of a box. I bought this model late 2001 or early 2002. This DW-069TD-4MJF. It’s part of the Fire-G series and was released on September 2001.
The complete Fire-G series consist out of this DW-069TD-4MJF, a yellow G-100TD-9MJF and a blue G-2000TD-2MJF. These models come with typical Tie Dye straps, which explains the TD in the model number. These Tie Dye patterns express, according the official description by Casio, the warmth of flames, like lava and magma.
The strap is a bit different than what you normally find on G-Shocks with one piece cloth straps. The strap is actually one long piece, with a special buckle and a Velcro closing on one side. A small loop can be slide over the closing, to prevent accidentally opening of the strap. The strap is quite long. I have a 7” wrist, which is not really small, but I have fold the strap through the strap adapter and it ends under the case. So if you had large wrists, this had could have been a good watch for you.
While cloth bands on G-Shock often consist of double bands, this one is a single type. Although the cloth feels strong and rugged, it is actually pretty comfortable. I tend to wear my G-Shocks pretty tight, but the strap doesn't cut into my arm. 
The DW-069 is a model number that is not much used by Casio, analog to the DW-056 number. Only 7 different models were made. Actually these models are similar to the DW-6900 and the DW-5600 and both have the usual 1289 and 1545 module.
The case of this DW-069 model is very nice anthracite gray. The finish of the case looks like it is made of stone, probably lava stone. The red faceplate and unusual red display give this model indeed an appearance, like it is hot.
You might expect that the EL backlight is red, but it is actually the usual greenish blue color. Maybe Casio slipped an opportunity here. If it had a orange/red EL backlight, it would have looked more like this watch is on fire, like glowing lava.
Another point that have could been better on this model is the back. With Fire as a theme, it would have ben nice if it had a special back, with a flame or fire etched on the backplate. Instead it has a regular DW-069 plate, similar to the DW-6900 back plate.
I think, if you are a regular reader, what the functions of this watch are. The 1289 module has an Alarm Function, a 24 hour Countdown Timer and a 24 hour Stopwatch. The Alarm function can be set to a Daily Alarm, or a Date alarm. Since you can also choose only to fill in the day or the month, you can program the Alarm to go off only on a specific day in the month, or only during a month. In Countdown Timer mode and in the Stopwatch Mode you can view the current time too.
While taking photographs, I asked Azra if she like to pose with a watch. She had posed also three and a half years ago with my "Tough Guy".
Azra bought her friend Paqui with her. While preparing for taking photo's Paqui asked if she could put on some music. She asked for some tech house. I gave her my iPod. "Oh Cool, you like Deadmau5?". When I played some Vitalic too,  the lab turned into a small party place, so it took a while before I could start take pics.
My coleague Paul D. wearing his Fire-G, back in 2002, before we moved with our school to a new location.
This watch was not very popular when it came out and it was available for relative low prices on eBay. In October 2002 I actually bought two of them. One for myself, one for my colleague Paul D, who still wears it occasionally, although he seems recently hooked on his GW-6900 (and who wouldn’t). I think I paid around $50 to $70 for each, while in September 2001 the retail price was ¥12000 (not easy to convert, because the exchange courses were pretty different then and the Euro wasn't even introduced).
I think it is still not a popular model. If you find one, you probably find it under $100, although I have actually seen this model very sporadic for sale, since 2002. Maybe only 2 or 3 times.


Jonny said...

Hi Sjors,

I saw the GA-110SN-3A somewhere online, and I was wondering: Has it been released anywhere other than Japan? I found one on ebay and it costs in excess of 200 dollars...

Thanks for your consideration.

Unknown said...

Hi Johnny,

Have a little patience. I think it is about to be released outside Japan. I think it is already in Europe.

Pretty cool color, hé?



Jonny said...

Thanks, Sjors. :-) It really is a cool color, that's why I'm so interested!