Sunday, July 22, 2012

G-Shock #33: Basic White in High Key Exposure.

In March 2012 Casio released a series of 4 watches in the so called “Solid Colors” series. This series contains 2 black and 2 white G-Shock models. Internationally this series was split as Basic Black and Basic White series. The main feature of these models is the lack of lettering around the display. Only the brand, CASIO, is shown. Of course the functions of the buttons are still on the bezel, but no paint is used, so only shadows show them slightly. For the white models, it’s a kind of stealth, but then, in white surroundings (like snow, laboratory, etc).
This article is about the Solid Colors DW-6900WW-7, outside Japan better known as Basic White. I think I saw the first photo’s of this model in January 2012 and was quite curious how it would look like in real. Some people in the G-Shock community complained in the past about the amount of lettering on the display on some G-Shocks. While I think on the DW-6900 models this is not excessive, I even had my thoughts with the GW-M5600 with 3 lines of lettering above the display and 4 below. For me the functions on a basic G-Shock are pretty logical, specially the 5 button models. With the Mode button bottom left, the Start/Stop button bottom right and the Adjust button top left, it’s normally very easy to operate the functions of your G-Shock.
I think Casio had heard these comments and made this very interesting series. The Solid Colors series consist of three black models and two white models. These are: DW-5600BB-1, GA-120BB-1, GDF-100BB-1, DW-6900WW-7 and GD-100WW-7. I think it’s pretty logical that the BB are the Basic Black models and the WW are the Basic White models. Currently I only have this DW-6900WW-7, but I am also want to have the DW-5600BB, because it would be nice to do a face to face comparison with a DW-5600VT model.
White G-Shocks seem to be pretty popular at the moment. I see a lot of white GD-100’s and DW-6900s lately on the streets. I even spotted a student at my school wearing this Basic White model before I even got it. White is a great color (it is actually not a color but a combination of all colors) to wear in summer. There is only one disadvantage about white resin, it gets dirty fast by “bleeding” clothes. When wearing white or other bright colored G-Shocks, it’s best not to wear dark or strong other colored clothing over it, as the resin easily adapts the fabric colorants. This seems no problem for me is summer or at work. I almost always only wear short sleeves.
The first association I had with this white out G-Shock, was the big white void in the movie THX-1138, which was the prison of THX’s world. This movie is one of my favorite classics. It was the first movie written (together with Walter Murch) and directed by George Lucas.
Here stealth would not mean black, but white. As I cleaned the lab for the big summer break, I could use one to make my own white void for making “high key” images. As I actually have no experience with high key photography, this G-Shock would be an ideal model, patiently posing in my own white void.
Everything on this watch looks white, but I think the face plate and display show a very little greenish hue. This small, hardly noticeable, accent makes the watch more alive, than if it was plain white. It was something that even attracted me to buy this watch.
The DW-6900WW comes with the new 3230 module. This module is practically the same as the classic 1289 module, except that the calendar of the watch now works from January 1 2000 until December 31 2099. Besides Timekeeping function, there is an Alarm function, a 24 hour Stopwatch and a 24 hour Countdown Timer. The Alarm can be programmed as a Daily Alarm, a Date Alarm, a 1-Month alarm and a Monthly Alarm. The last two alarm types can be achieved by leaving the day, respectively the month blank in the date area. The Alarm function also has a Hourly Chime. The Countdown Timer has an Auto-Repeat function, which of course can be toggled on and off. Always cool is the Flash function. When an Alarm sounds the EL Backlight light up shortly.
The DW-6900WW, is like all other Solid Colors models still in production and can be easily obtained at a good Casio dealer or on-line shop. Prices might vary a bit, but in the US the common price is $99.-, in Europe that is €99.-. If you look a bit harder, you can find it for around €70.- in East Asia, though shipping and import duties (not mentioning the two to three weeks shipping times) might make it less interesting to buy it intercontinental. I simply bought mine at Unknown, a sneaker and street fashion store in Alkmaar, who have also an on-line shop called I Love Sneakerz. It was the last one that they had in store when I bought it (this models seems to be very popular), but since this model is still in production, I think this model will be restocked in Europe.
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Let us be thankful we have commerce.
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Anonymous said...

Is it glossy @ matte finish?

Unknown said...

Hi Aswan,

THe finish of this watch is matte.

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