Sunday, September 21, 2008

#37: Crazy about colors.

This is the second G-Shockers Collaboration Article in cooperation with Riley’s My G-Shock. Riley has post an article about his Crazy Colors models DW-6900CS-1 and DW-5600CS-1.
I think over 90% of the G-Shocks sold are just the plain black or the stainless steel basic models.
In the end of the 90's there was a period that colored G-Shocks were popular, but nowadays you hardly see a colored G-Shock on the streets here. Most often the plain G-2900, sometimes a stainless steel cockpit model, a DW-5600, DW-6600 or a DW-6900. Of course most G-Shock’s are sold to people who want a tough watch, and not to collectors.
Some people even want to have their G-Shocks even more black. They remove the lettering and sometimes reverse the display polarisation into a negative display. This is called stealthing.
Like the Dragon-G series (not an official name), stealthing imitates an US ARMY look. The watch will hardly be noticed in the dark during military operations, but actually I think such a watch stands out quite cool when worn casually with a short sleeve shirt, like a Black Helios Frogman.
I like these blackened out watches, but I am also fond of colors. The brighter, the better.
Casio often makes, besides the basic black models, yellow, blue, orange and red models. Lately also a lot of white models are introduced too.
Some colors don`t seem to be popular for G-Shock. Although I started 50Gs with an article on a 21st CB model, green models are not made often. A very nice exception is the shiny green Hawaiian Lifeguard GW-410.
Purple is also not used much. I have the DW-6900H and DW-6630 in purple variant. Probably the most controversial color is pink.
The first pink model I can remember was the Post Pet model. Post Pet is a kind of Japanese e-mail tamagotchi. Pink (specially hot pink) is quite a color that provokes reactions. Before the 1940’s it was generally accepted as a masculine color, while light blue was considered feminine.
Like the yellow star that Jews were forced to wear by the nazi rules, homosexuals had to wear a pink triangle, who used it as a sign of pride after WWII. Therefore pink is often associated with homosexuality, but fashion changes. Actually it is very masculine at the moment to wear pink polo T-Shirts. I think it’s a cool trend.
In 2006 there was a DW-6900FS released in pink. In May or June I had set my mind to find one of these. I actually almost had bought one from Yahoo JP when I learned that a pink model was about to be released in August 2008 as part of the Crazy Colors series. Casio used the “simple” DW-5600 and DW-6900 models and gave them bright colored LCD’s, bezels and straps to give them maximum impact. As I was already looking for a pink G, I immediately ordered one.
It was delivered at my school. The impact of this watch was pretty much noticeable. Quite some pupils gathered around me observing this pink object. I also got quite some reactions. It looks like everyone loved this watch.
One girl asked, “You ain’t going to wear that watch, ain’t you?”. Frankly, I’m not sure. Maybe I buy a second to wear, but if it gets much wrist time… Maybe Casio finally made a G-Shock that might be too bright for me. The future might tell.
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Snoopy Kendall said...

where can you but these g-shocks at?

Unknown said...

Although these models were released one and a half years ago, they are still very easy to find. Just do a search on dw-6900cs to narrow your results.

I think I bought mine in Singapore or Hong Kong, but I saw good prices in Germany too.