Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Intermezzo #6

My girlfriend Eva has rented a beach cabin this year. I'm normally a pretty active person, so going to the beach and just fry in the sun is not a typical activity for me. Normally when Eva and Bram go to the beach, I rather take my mountainbike (Cube LTD Team 2006) for a sunny ride.
Now that I'm pretty immobilized, due to my slowly recovering elbow, I will join the family probably more. I'm pretty handy for carrying bags anyway.
So what do you do if everyone is lying in the sun? Take some photo's of course. There is quite some tide here, so a Tidegraph function is handy. Therefore the Gulfman is a great beach watch.
Actually I would like to have a 2nd Rescue-G Gulfman. My basic black model is of course looking very nice too, but the Rescue-G version is just AWESOME! One man needs to have a holy grail. I hope I will have some spare money next month for this model. It would be of course be a nice next intermezzo here on 50 Gs. So if it shows up here with some sandy photos, "It's just Sjors getting bored at the beach".
Look, I already have a sun taint on my feet... Do you see the moon on the photo below. It seems the moon phase indicator is working fine.

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