Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Intermezzo #37: A unexpected view under the hood of a rare G-Shock

I have this rare G-2400 G-Shock with a dead battery. So I took a CR2016 battery and my tools. When I opened the back, I noticed that the back plate looked different from other G-Shocks. There seems to be a conducting strip that connects two springs. Probably the springs are needed for the EL backlight.
 The case and module is not very big, so the battery looks pretty huge. The G-2400 has similar dimensions as the G-2300. It's a hard to find model. It has a 500 Lap memory Stopwatch. No idea why this watch is this rare. I think the G-2300 size and the 500 Lap Memory feature is quite attractive.
The battery change itself is quite the same as with other G-Shocks. I have reset and closed the watch. It seems to work fine.

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