Sunday, August 19, 2012

G-Shock #37: Comme des Schtroumpfs

In August 2010 Casio released two remarkable DW-6900 models and a GLS-5500 model in the Crazy Colors series. In all previous and also a later Crazy Colors editions the G-Shocks were designed in quite contrasting bright colors, but the DW-6900MM and GLS-5500MM models were all unicolored. Not only the straps and bezel, but also the negative LCD display. The DW-6900MM came in orange and blue, the GLS-5500MM was pink. The DW-6900MM were also released in Europe and were available for some time.
At the time they were released in Europe, October or November 2010, there were a lot of new interesting models coming out. The only model I bought from this series is the GLS-5500, but I had also an eye on the total orange (DW-6900MM-4) model. I am not sure where this model is released, but it seems that outside Japan this model is primarily only released in Europe.
When this model was released I could only think of one thing. It remind me of the Smurfs, a popular cartoon character from Peyo (Pierre Culliford). Anyone wonder what lead to the idea of the Smurfs (Schtroumpfs)? In 1957 Peyo was with André Franquin (cartoonist of Gaston Lagaffe/Gomer Goof) eating at the Norht Sea, when Peyo could forgot the word salt, he asked Franquin: “Passe-moi le... Schtroumpf” (“Pass me the… Schtroumpf”). The conversation continued with replacing simple words with Schtroumpf, which leads the basic language of the Smurfs, where simple nouns and verbs were replaced by schtroumpf. Most countries adapted the Dutch translation for schtoumpf, smurf.
The reason why the Smurfs are blue does look like the story about blue, which can be found on our (blue) toilet. These dwarf figures should not be pink, because they would look too much like humans, not green, because they would blend to much in the environment, red would make them to striking and yellow was considered a bad luck color. Blue seemed to be the color everybody could agree with.
Translation: "The best example of the pleasant association which the color blue evokes in people are the sanitary napkin and diaper commercials poured liquids. Because why not throw a cup yellow in a Pamper and a cup red in an Always. First, of course, since it is too confrontational, too real. Urine Yellow and babies, that's not so nice together. But mainly because of the color blue eminent security, harmony and relaxation.
For this reason, and a million others, is blue by far of the largest part of the European population's favorite color. Blue delivers in humans only positive associations. Besides the above also faith, solidity, and even authority, think for example of police uniforms.
That colors are important, is now a generally accepted view. Who doesn’t have today not a part of his house painted in any desired color. Indeed, desired color, for when there is money to be earned, it is with color. What could be better than give each individual the idea that he can compose his highly personal color, unique in the world. Unfortunately it is only for paint, but what if everyone could choose their own color for blue jeans. There is a gap in the market. Especially since the public, when it comes to colors, is very conservative. Each year a committee of color forecasters try to determine what color has a chance at the title "new fashion color" or "Basic color". An hopeless enterprise. Black is always a favorite, blue is always okay and the rest are lucky if they Accessories processed."
Author: Unknown, Source, VPRO TV Guide.
I think it’s pretty known that I’m normally not to fond of blue. Blue is by me often referred to as bloo (as in Blooregard Q. Kazoo). I do not really know why, but maybe the fact everybody can live with blue and other colors are often victims of fashion could be part of the reason. Maybe I have seen too much jeans too. When everybody is wearing blue jeans, I think that was too much for me. It doesn’t mean I don’t like all blue G-Shocks. Actually I like this “Smurf” watch.
I am not really sure if the DW-6900MM’s were pretty popular models, but recently, when I was walking over the dunes after a good day at the beach, I saw a lifeguard wearing his blue DW-6900MM-2 model. Coincidentally a few days later I got an e-mail from Krzysztof in Sweden on my 50 Gs account. The sender asked if I had this DW-6900MM-2, so I had to disappoint him, as I thought he would like a review of this watch. This was not the case. He was actually happy to sent me his spare model, as a gift. Well, who would have thought about that!
Strangely I also do not have the orange version. As I like orange and have quiet a few orange G-Shocks, it would have probably been great to own one, as it is also our national color. Good to wear during “Queen’s Day” or big international sport events (did you also watch many hours of the Olympic Games in London this year?).
The DW-6900MM has the old 1289 module, so the internal calendar goes until December 31, 2039. Well, that’s still more than 27 years to go, but recently DW-6900’s get a new module which an internal calendar that counts up to 2099. Well, it must be a a very weird miracle if I may see that happen with my own eyes.
Besides timekeeping you’ll find an Alarm function, Countdown Alarm function and a Stopwatch on board. The Alarm can be programmed as a Daily alarm, but also as a 1-Month- or a Monthly Alarm. The Countdown Alarm and the Stopwatch function are both a 24 hour type, which is more than sufficient in most cases.
It seems that the DW-6900MM-2 is a bit hard to find now, even in Europe. A few months ago you could easy get one for around €99.-, but the stock seems to have dried out, although it’s pretty well possible that some retailers still have it is stock. If you look for this model on eBay, you can see that seller ask ridiculous prices for this model. These are prices I would not like to pay for this model. I think a price between €99. and €110 should be a good and normal price for this model. It’s a striking model, but not that striking that it justifies prices around €200. It’s that the new 30th Anniversary models are coming up and I need my saved money for those models (they are not exactly cheap), else I would have been looking for an orange one to complete this Crazy Colors release in my collection.
A big THANK YOU to Krzysztof fromSweden for making this article possible!


Anonymous said...

I was so curious to see how will you make use of my old watch for the website's purposes and I couldn't be more happy with the results!

What made me to buy this G in the first place is that the color doesn't look like a "candy blue" nor a "royal blue". Either too childish nor too elegant.

I think the color looks best in a bright summer sun. The matt (not glossy) painting helps very much.

Besides the DW-6900s are sooo classic for me. There's just the DW-5000 series that is more (my current G is a stunning GW-5000).

Thanks for the review. I'm glad that my G has found a new home!

Unknown said...

Hello Krzysztof,

I'm glad you like my article. As you can read and see, it was a pleasure to do. Many thanks for your support!