Friday, October 26, 2012

Intermezzo 56: G-Shock Awards Goody Bag.

I have been busy with a lot of G-Shock related things lately, but had no time to write a new full article right now. I am also a bit in fast of my schedule, so I will skip this weeks regular 50 Gs G-Shock article. Instead I will publish several intermezzo's this weekend. This is the second, the follow-up of the G-Shock Awards special
Photo by Selectism (Read here the interview they had with Mr Ibe Kikuo
On October 18th 2012 G-Shock London organized in cooperation with the Dazed & Confuse magazine to celebrate 30 years of Toughness the G-Shock Awards to encourage young talent in art, fashion, sport and music.
The day before the event mr Ibe Kikuo was found signing books (photo credits Casio London).
A few days after the party I received the G-Shock Awards goody bag. Let's see what I found there.
 Not that I use these tot bag a lot, but it looks already good.
First of all a cool Tee, made for this event. It's size XXL, so It will fit me.
New look books. Let's take a closer look to the G-Shock look book.
It seems that the GWF-T1030A-1JR is also sold in the UK. 
This is really cool. I never knew this existed. I love Willy Wonka!
The only think I expected in the package I received was this book. It is a different book than what is presented at the Shock The World event in NYC August 2012.
And isn't this cool?!? Only 250 copies were given away and they are all patiently signed by Mr Ibe Kikuo, the creator of G-Shock. Awesome!

Inside the book a lot about G-Shock history and a lot of profiles of G-Shock collaborators (Like Eric Haze and Maharishi). This book gets a special place in my small G-Shock library.

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