Friday, August 9, 2013

Intermezzo #68: Lego Watch Stands for display and for taking EL Backlight- and Lume Shots.

Everybody knows Lego I think. A lot of us have played a many hours during childhood and some of us are still known as AFOL's (Adult Fan Of Lego). I'm not sure if I fall totally in that category (I've seen real AFOL's at work), but it's also very handy for displaying G-Shocks. My first Stand was inspired by a post of Luciano (LUW) on the G-Shock Forum at WatchUSeek. It looked great and I thought this was a nice alternative for my CP Holders I use a lot for display photography.
Aove the stand by Luciano in Brazil. He also gave me a tip where to look for bricks. Brick Link seemed to be the right place to look. I found a store at about 5 kilometers from where I live, who had the right bricks. So here's my version of this stand.
Now, what do you think about this? I used black bricks to minimize colored reflections. Maybe it also looks cooler. 
I also made a movie about the building process. You will notice I sometimes breakdown here and there, to improve the structure.
So, now my hands were itching to do some more. For years I have used a custom Lego stand for EL-Backlight photo's. You might have noticed it in some of my backlight pics some red Lego studs. These bricks I had used were actually Bram's. I decided to order enough bricks to build two new stands, but now with a more organized color schemes. The original stand was build with random bricks. 
On the left you see the original stand. It's not complete anymore, because Bram had added the naked bathing Santa in the past. I decided I wanted to keep the Bathing Santa in the new stands, but since I have two, I added a showering Stormtrooper as well (If I didn't had bought the Stormtrooper, I could have saved €5.- on the building costs).
And of course, I made a video of the building process.
So, if you see one one of these pop up in one of my articles, you now know how I made them. Thanks to Luciano!

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