Sunday, May 18, 2008

#18 Jammin' dans le soleil

In the following 4 weeks I will publish articles I have written on my vacation in Cadenet in south France. Of course I (and occasionally Bram and Eva) have shot photo’s on location. Probably some photo's will not be as sharp or clear as I wished, but I think they captured the feeling of the moment. The first article puts a spot on my Jammin’ DW-6900.

It's 19:30 in the evening. I am sitting with a Pelforth Brune before the caravan. This says it must be holiday in France. Bram is playing football (for American readers, that’s the game you supposed to play a ball with your feet into your opponent's goal).My brother Paul sms-ed me that Queen's Day yesterday was very wet. Here in Cadenet (South France, near Aix en Provence) it was a very hot day. When we went to the city castle, the car thermometer told us it was 29°C in the shade around 16:00 (04:00 p.m.).

Summer days need summer watches. Fortunately I have brought some nice G-Shock's with me.
The Jam'in Color DW-6900MC-3VER is such watch. The jolly green colors shout out joy. I remember that my girlfriend Eva said she liked this colors. She does not often comment me on my watches. In the mean time my arms (and legs) are showing red. Too much sun I think.

The Jam'in Color series were released in 2006. This green version was of the first DW-6900MC models. While the red, white and blue versions were "jams" with black, the green model is a jam with yellow.

In the manufacturing process, the two colors are blended in the mold. Each bezel and watchband is different, so no 2 watches are the same.

In 2007 a second series DW-6900's were released. In this release the green and orange versions were blend with white resin. In my opinion a less successful combination.

I think of the first series, the white/black versions was by far the most popular. Often the patterns are called camouflage. Although it looks similar, camouflage patterns are printed or painted spots, while on the Jam'in Color models the colors are blended. Probably this model is not for everyone. The colors are bright and don't stay unnoticed. Maybe not a good model for in a formal office situation, but a nice sporty watch for summertime.

I have always loved the DW-6900 with 1289 module. For me the three eyes, ticking down the seconds above the main display, is one of the most attractive designs. It also looks impressive when illuminated.

On a Japanese website I once read that it's creator called the DW-6900 (with 1289 module) the "Triple Eye Devil". I always thought that was a good name. Although this is the most known DW-6900, there are also models fitted with a different module. The 1289 module is also found in some DW-002 models and the classic DW-8400 Mudman.

The basic DW-6900 was featured in the movie Mission Impossible II. The DW-6900 is therefore sometimes called MI:2, but it's not as much used as MI for the DW-5300 or Speed for the DW-5600C. In a close-up you can see that the lettering was removed and a fictive module (probably a virtually computer image) was used.

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