Thursday, September 25, 2008

Intermezzo #1: Dead Batteries on the Lab

I wanted to wear the orange BPM counter today, but alas. Weak display. My olive drap dragon model... Even more dead. My "military" DW-6900 with Eagle Industries covered watchband. Also dead....

I only had two CR2016's left. I jumped behind my computer and ordered 50 new CR2016 batteries this morning. I took the DW-9550 and DW-069 to school and I found time in the afternoon to change the batteries. This is not a detailed battery change tutorial. I just took some photo's during the change.
The DW-9550 has an extra spacer. Probably for better ventilation between the cloth band and the back of the watch.
Releasing the battery lock of the 1289 module. Notice the infamous alarm battery in the back. It's loose, so it falls out when the watch is turned around while open...The 1918 module looks roughly the same. The contacts for the - side of the battery are different. A new battery is placed in with plastic tweezers.
The battery is short circuit for about 2 seconds. This resets the module.
Not show, but I put a little silicon grease on the gasket. Be gentle with old gaskets, they can break. Of course I can't guaranty the water proofness of the watch, but there is a fair chance it survives next dive in the swimming pool.
Only thing you need to do is set the wath to the correct time and it's ready to wear.
Mission accomplished, back to my chemical lab. I just developed a method for determination of pollution in Asperine.

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