Monday, October 6, 2008


Here we have the DW-6630-B9, a classic G-Shock design and the G that introduced me to the WUS/G-Shock forum.. It all started by me remembering a bright coloured G-Shock I'd seen in a shop window many years ago, and now I earn my own income I wanted to track down this vintage watch.. but how? I had no idea what year it was produced in, or even the model number... So, it was up to Google and its special powers!! I Googled 'G-Shock' which led me to the wonderful WUS forum. I registered straight away and posted my rather vague question... I got replies quickly and although the first replies led me to the DW-6900WCJ, I knew I was on the right track.
Sjors posted and hit the nail right on the head! So, I had the model number, but just had to find a G that was long out of production. Off to eBay I headed, and after a fairly short wait, I secured one (NIB) from Germany! After a bit of a delay the watch finally arrived and looked stunning, I think the yellow G in the backlight just tops of a great watch (some other G's have a red/orange coloured G which doesn't look as good, the DW-6600C-1V for instance). From the pictures, you'll see there is 5 green arrows and a red bar, the green arrows count the seconds and when it gets to 10, a block of the red bar lights up, these graphics also work when the stopwatch and CDT are used, and one can spend too much time just gazing at them! Although this is a basic G by todays standards (no atomic/solar/multiple alarms/etc) it is one of the favourites in my collection, obviously, as now I have two of this particular model! I would like to thank Sjors for giving me the chance to write this article it was great fun. I hope to share more of my classic G's with you. Thanks for reading,


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