Sunday, March 8, 2009

#10 Military Inspired Mat black with red third Eye

The year couldn't have started better. Early January Reznor reported Casio developed a new series. The funny thing was that there was not yet one name for this series. The series were expected for release in February.The first name was Military Concept, but later the name "G-Force: Military Inspired" was given for this series. A little later the name was finally changed into Military Inspired series, rumors say because G-Force was a protected name. A bit strange in my view. G-Force is the term for the free-fall velocity that gives a certain body an acceleration of 9.81 meters per second squared here on earth. I never heard thatLorentz force is a protected name.A few days later (on January 20th) Kastu Higuchi-San announced the new series, though under another name. The Master of G models were released under the Men In Rusty Black (MIRB) series, the DW-6900MS and DW-5600MS were released as the Mat Black Red Eye (MBRE) series. A great addition to the line-up was given. Above the Military Concept models there was also a Riseman added to the line up.
I contacted Katsu-San if he was able to get the whole line up for me. Since the release was expected at the end of February 2009, it was a long wait of several weeks, but then I got both great and bad news. Katsu-San had gotten a compete series for me, but the Frogman isn't in this series. Due to a problem with silicon grease found on some backs of the MIRB Frogman, all Frogman were called back to the factory. The good thing was that all other 4 models were waiting to be shipped to me. Yesterday I was very lucky. I was about to go to the Zythos Beer Festival in Sint Niklaas in Belgium, while the van of the parcel service TNT was rushing to our house. The chauffeur saw me already standing next to the car in front of my house. I had no time to open the package, but at least I had it in my house waiting for me to come back.The festival was a big succes. I have even tasted the first gray beer in the world, which was very remarkable. I think I must try to get some bottles of this beer, but that's another story.The Dutch customs are unfortunately pretty catchy on parcels. Often the fees and duties are equal to the tax I have to pay. To spread the risk of a very big bill I always let my parcels come in parcels with maximal 2 watches. Special G-Shocks are already expensive enough for me.When I got home I took the package and carefully opened it. It seems that Casio has developed a new packaging box. It's a bit smaller than the big square boxes. That would make storing these boxes a lot easier I think.When I opened the boxes I saw the DW-6900MS and the Riseman looking at me. Immediately it occured to me the amber display of the DW-6900MS is very dark. It was getting evening and the display was getting a bit hard to read. On the other hand, the watch looked very deep back. The gray lettering on the display is not screaming bright. Also the red eye is not as bright as it looks on these photo's. It's actually pretty dark. The bezel has no paint in the letttering. A lot of people have tried to stealth their DW-6900's and other G's, but this one is stealth already. On the strap the module number, 1298, is printed in a military font. This emphasizes the Military Inspired look of this watch. The buckle and buttons is very cool. The metal parts are finished with a black coating, like on the Master Blue series.One thing that puzzels me is the EL backlight. It's blueish green. Actually I had hoped for an amber backlight.
The MIRB and MBRE models are not pretty cheap. Except for the Riseman the models are available in Japan and the US. I think soon the models will be available in East Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore) too. It would be great if they were released in Europe too, but that's always a big question. The best prices at the moment are on if you live in the US or Canada. I got Friday a mail from Keith at tiktox, that they were expecting a small number of DW-6900-MS models, like this one. For other elsewhere try Seiya San and Katsu-San.


Unknown said...

My g-shock have the number 3230 and your g-shock have the number 1289 why ?

Unknown said...

I mean the module number are different why ?

Unknown said...

Hello Joshué,

Thanks for your comment. THe 3230 module is a new module. I believe it was introduced somewhere around this time in 2011. This means that this model is still in production or was in production until recently.

The 3230 has a pre-programmed calendar until 2099. The old 1289 module is programmed until 2039. How is the display? Is it also very dark?

Kind regards,