Sunday, July 5, 2009

#30 Jam'in Art of Camouflage

When you set a goal of making 50 G-Shock articles, you know it can be tough bringing up models that did not appear here. Well, life can be tough too. I just returned from the jaw surgeon (a nice guy and father of a gifted student on our school) where I had a wisdom tooth extracted. My dentist was right. I did not feel a thing, but now, two hours later, despite intensive cooling, my left cheek is swollen as if I have hidden half an apple...
I have taken a pain killer and dropped down in bed. People who write exist, or as a math teacher once said: "2B or not 2B, that's the hypotenusa". I write to forget. Music of "O Yuki Conjugate" to get me in a writing mood (this iHome iP99 Clock Radio with iPod and iPhone mount is a great invention). May this article turn out a bit weird, blame it on the painkillers.
I make it easy for me on this time. This week I feature a reprise of my green/yellow Jam'in Colors.
Casio released this model in May 2006. There were 4 color variations of the DW-6900MC version. Also two G-5500MC's and two G-9000MC's were released. Later two G-5500JC's models and even later also two DW-6900JC's were added.
The overseas model was easy to obtain in south-east Asia and the US. Overseas models have a black ribbed light button, while the domestic (JP) models have a light button with a colored G.
What for me makes the Jam'in Colors series interesting is the concept. Although I haven't touched an instrument for a quite a while, I have been a very active musician for a long time. Jamming, playing improvised intuitive music, was for me always an important inspiration of writing new songs.
For the Jam'in Colors series Casio let the colors jam when molding the resin parts of these series (except for the Mudman bezels). During this process two colors of resin are pressed in the mold. The colors do not mix, but end up in an unique composition for every molded part. This also means that every Jam'in Color G-Shock is unique. Even if they have the same complete model number. There are no two the same. All different songs!
Without a doubt I find the yellow/green variant the best of the DW-6900 models. The other models of the first release looked a bit like camouflage. I associate the bright green and yellow colors more to spring, happyness and joyful life. No need to hide, I'm here.
No doubt I deep up this watch when the first warm days of the year manifest. This is the watch I wear with a giant smile on my face.
Since these series were by many considered as camo models, I have always have camouflage ideas in my head for watches that are not quite camouflaged. Last week I even made my M.I.Y. Frogman camouflaged at school.
So white and black is called snow camo, blue and black is marine camo. The red and black version get lost in the strawberry fields forever. What makes green and yellow? Exact, Lawnmower camouflage.

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