Sunday, June 28, 2009

#29 MIB Mudman in Sheep Clothes

Beauty can come in several ways. Sometimes it comes with a beast. In this case, it is a beast. From ugly duck to graceful swan. No idea what happened on the road of life with this Franken-beauty.
Not that it's life really started as an ugly duck. A Men In Black Mudman (digital version, in right "clothes") was a long desire of me to own and only just recently my wish was fulfilled.
The first (digital) Men In Black Mudman was released October 1997. I got this watch end October 2006, exactly nine years later. Probably the previous owner had abused his Muddy a lot, so he wanted new clothes and bought a "Men In White Gray" refurbish set.
It is also possible that the previous owner put the M.I.B. bezel and straps on a basic model. The EL design makes it probably one of the hardest to read displays in the dark.
The M.I.W.G. model is quite younger than the M.I.B. Mudman. In May 2000 it was the last, but one classic Mudman model. The last classic Mudman was the legendary, February 2001 released Real Black Mudman.
Together with this Franken Shock I also obtained a real M.I.W.G. Mudman. Instead of a mole with a drill, it shows a mole with a snow shovel. It looks like the November 2008 Men In Ice White (M.I.I.W.) series were inspired by this series. An EL-Shot of the mole with the snow shovel appeared on my 2006 G-Peopleland Christmas card (for close G-Friends all over the world).
The straps on this Franken Shock are probably from 1997. Though looking good, the color turned more beige or crème. Still the watch looks pretty impressive.
The classic Mudman is one of the biggest G-Shock models ever made. There is more than only a cosmetic reason for that. The bezel does not only cover the case, it also covers the buttons.
All classic Mudresist models (DW-5500C*, Mudman, Raysman, Gaussman, DW-8500 Codename) were actually pretty big. With the new G(W)-9000 Mudman, they managed to make a medium sized G-Shock, with still the case and buttons covered by the bezel.
Since I got this Franken Shock I have been hunting for original parts. Actually it is hard to find original straps and bezels for the 8400 Mudman.
I managed to get a DW-8400-1 bezel and DW-8400-9 straps ("golden eye"), but I actually love this combo so much, that I think I leave it this way. And by the way, what good will it do. It is Franken and still will remain Franken. My M.I.B. Mudman in sheep clothes.
* The DW-5500C was nicknamed Mudman and actually the first Master of G. Though not comparable with the later Mud resistant models, it was significant bigger than his square DW-5X00C brothers.

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