Sunday, June 7, 2009

Intermezzo #10: Battery Change in a DW-9500 Thermometer

For taking photo's for a 50 Gs feature it is of course important that the G-Shock is working. We are getting in a warmer period here, a time for more sunny watches. The US Open DW-9500 is a nice model to wear on the beach, but first I had to revive it.
That's my last plum saké. What will be hidden under that rubber shock absorber?
Hmmm, actually it looks like a standard '90's G-Shock module, though this module has somewhere a thermometer sensor hidden.It's the first time I noticed this relative big (and clear) warning not to turn over the watch. You can clearly see the alarm spring that will fall out when turned over. Also a good view of the battery lock. The battery is hold in a fortress, but the lock can easily be opened by putting a sharp tooth tweezer or another sharp object (like a needle) between the two plastich notches.
After replacing the battery (if available, use plastic tweezers) and closing the lock it's time to reset the watch. Put your tweezers for about two or three seconds with one side on the AC contact, whith the other side on the back of the battery (positive side).
Modules can be very stuborn. This one went easily, but yesterday I was changing a battery on a GL-150 [2463]. I almost gave it up. I think I resetted the watch 6 to 8 times before it finally revived.

I tested the thermometer on this DW-9500. It seems to work OK to me. It must have been warmed up a bit in my hands, while I was changing the battery and also my desk lamp is pretty hot.

The final test is always check the alarm sound and the EL light. Yep, it all works.


Anonymous said...

great, beautiful site and great description

Anonymous said...

beautiful and great site!
prefect description, saved me from putting my watch in garbage :)