Thursday, November 19, 2009

Intermezzo #17: Button Recession

I got several messages and e-mails of people asking if one of their buttons on their G-Shock was broken or defective in the past years. A fast look in a box of Gs learned me that some models have them, some don't.
Did you have had a digital watch before you got into G-Shock? Didn't it happen to you that your watch was suddenly in adjust mode, because you accidentally bumped the adjust button onto something.
Actually the buttons on G-Shock's are at first protected by the bezel. The chance of hitting the adjust button is often even more reduced, because it is recessed into the bezel. This feature is even found on the older models.
Also the basic DW-6900 has a recessed adjust button. I noticed the G(W)-6900 models do not have a recessed button. So are you not protected against accidental adjusting time because something hit the adjust button. No, you don't have to worry. The adjust button on the DW-6900 goes into adjust mode immediately when it is pushed, while you have th push the adjust button three seconds on the G(W)-6900 before it goes into adjust mode.
So, what;s the verdict. Is waiting the three seconds worth it. I think it actually is. The fact that the button is recessed, it also means it is harder to push, specially if you have large fingers. I don't think I have exceptional big or long fingers, but I always have to figure out how to place my fingers to find the button. Nope, for me the three seconds waiting probably saves more time. And bumping into something for longer than 3 seconds? Well, that never happened to me yet...
This article topic was inspired by James. Thanks!

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