Thursday, January 14, 2010

Intermezzo #22: A new year, some new battery changes.

A new year has started. I hope you like the new header I made for my 50 Gs weblog. I wish you all a great and healthy 2010, which will bring you a lot of G-Shock pleasure.
I made 2 sets of 50 G-Shock articles in two years and several intermezzo's. At the end of 2009 I was thinking what to do this year. For myself I want to limit my new G-Shock purchases to 1 G-Shock a month. I want to go to Japan at the end of the year, so I need to save money and the funds have to come from somewhere. Since I have made 100 G-Shock articles, it will become harder to find interesting G-Shocks to write about. Therefore I have asked a friend to help me get to the annual goal of 50 G-Shock articles. I think he will introduce himself soon, but older G-Shock collectors and enthusiasts will probably know him.
I start this year with an intermezzo about the battery changes I did today. A friend of me in Japan (Tibiko) inspired me to buy some bottles of Chimay. I thought I open a bottle of Chimay capsule blue, a great barley wine, brewed by the Trappist monks of the Abbey of Scourmont. The name refers to the color of the cap. There are also a capsule red and a capsule white. The red cap is nowadays actually brown. I visited the abbey 2 times in my life. It is a very beautiful place if you like a quiet place to come in peace with yourself. The abbey does not only make good beer, they also make very delicious cheeses.
The first watch I changed the battery from is a DW-6695-K. It is a special model with the letter K in the backlight. It was in Europe released as the "Buchstabe" series, while in Japan it's called the "A-Z Gangsters".
The battery is changed. The AC contact (reset contact) is located. The contact is short-cut with the battery for about 3 seconds.
The rubber gasket is lubricated with a little bit silicon grease. When the screws are put back on the lid, a final test. The sound works and the EL lights up brightly. Another successful battery change.
The 2nd G-Shock is a DW-003 with a double Velcro watchband. This model has a back protector and distand holders. First you have to remove the distance holders (4 screws), then 6 screws of the back protector. Position of the alarm spring.AC contact. Another Reset.
The rubber pad is put back. The spring sticks through the hole.
The gasket is lubricated and all parts and screws are put together. A final test shows this is another successful battery change.
The last G-Shock is a DW-004. This one has a similar construction. Now it has wrist rests, because this model has not a double Velcro watchband, so the procedure is about the same as the DW-003.The position of the screws are pointed with small arrows on the back protector. Yehaa, another successfull battery change. Well, I am going to enjoy the rest of my Chimay Blue. Keep an eye on 50 Gs. I hope you will enjoy the new forthcoming articles. Cheers!
I was planning to do this battery change later, but a post of C.K. on the G-Shock Forum on WatchUSeek made me decide to do it today.

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