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G-Shock #17, Golden Week special 1: Triple Eyed Glorious Gold

In Japan it’s currently Golden Week, a period starting from April 29th until May 5th. Actually it also falls together with 3 special days in the Netherlands (Queen’s Day, Remembrance of the Death and Liberty Day).
 I take the advantage of the Golden Week to present this beautiful model. It is the Glorious Gold DW-6925E-7ER. The Glorious Gold series was the last series that were released in the 25th Anniversary series in May 2008.
There were 5 special series to commemorate the 25th anniversary of G-Shock. It started with the Dawn Black series in May 2007, followed by the Rising White series in August 2007. In November 2007 Casio released the Master Blue series, the only series that is not present in my collection, I didn’t like the color blue used on this models, and before this Glorious Gold series were released, Casio released the Ocean Gray series in March 2008.
The Glorious Gold might be the most eye catching models of the 25th anniversary models, as they have translucent straps and bezels. Together with the golden cases and buttons, it looks fantastic.
Three models were in this series. The GW-225E-7, a GW-M5600E-7 and this DW-6925E-7 model. In Japan these numbers were followed by JF, in the US they were followed by ER.  All three models were sold in the US, the Frogman and DW-6925E were also sold in East Asia.
Like with the other 25th anniversary series the package of the overseas models are packed in the tin designed by Eric Haze, while the Japan domestic models are sold in the black trunk box. I think it is a matter of personal preference what you like best. The trunk box looks more solemn, while the package designed by Eric Haze looks more like it’s made to celebrate a party.
I have bought this DW-6925E at Tiktox in the UK, April 2009. I think I was pretty lucky finding it for a good price almost a year after it was released. I bought the GW-225E-7JF already at the release in Japan and in September 2009   I was very lucky to buy the GW-M5625-7JF. In other words, I have this series complete.
I wish that Casio released more translucent models. These models look very good in sunlight. Of course there is a problem that clear jelly straps yellow while aging, but on the other hand, yellowing does not look that bad not to wear it. It kind of personalize the watch. Check out G-Shock #3 of this year. That Frogman has been worn for maybe 13 years.
The bezel and straps of this watch is very white with some kind of matte finish. This matte finish catches light and traps it into the resin, giving it the translucent effect.
The Glorious Gold DW-6925E is sec a DW-6900, but the gold tone of the metal parts, even the screws, make it look very special. Also the display is gold and a golden ring around the face plate makes the watch complete. You might think, that’s quite a lot of gold, but it is all well balanced. 
The watch itself has the 1289 module, which is found on most DW-6900 models. An alarm Mode, a 24 hour Countdown Mode and a 24 hour Stopwatch, for a basic model, these are the most used functions on a digital watch.  The Alarm Function can also set to a specific date, or a specific day number in the month or at a specific month. I think most people use the Alarm function without using the day and/or month specification. The EL backlight has a greenish blue color.
Personally I think the back of the watch is one of the nicest parts. It features the 25th anniversary logo by Eric Haze. Remarkable is that this watch is made in Thailand. Some people try to convince other people that Japan made watches are better than watches assembled in other East Asian countries. I think this model proofs different. The 25th Anniversary models are very special and only the best quality is good for these models.
This model is already three years old and it is not easy to find one. Also the price, which was around $130.- back in 2008, (Japanese retail price was ¥12500 = $155) is much higher. Last week I did a search on eBay and found only a few of these in Japan, with an asking price over $300. Maybe a pity that you can’t find this model easily, but on the other side, I have got the rumor from a designer at Casio that told me Casio was already working on 30th Anniversary models, which will start releasing next year.

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Love this watch. I especially love the ones with the gold plated "G" / Light buttons. Thanks for the write up! ,,,Fwupow