Saturday, June 23, 2012

Intermezzo #53:Five Eyes

Of course I can't cover all Mudman models in 4 articles, but I have covered all three generations. I had used my Mudman T-Shirt on photo's for articles this month. I actually got it months ago, but waited until I got a GW-9300 or a G-9300 Mudman. Coincidentally I got those models both within a time frame of one or two weeks, which inspired me to do a whole month of Mudman.
This week I decided to wear my T-Shirt to work. I thought it would be best to wear a matching watch. Since I have worn the G-9300 a lot since I got it (It's quite a real nice and comfortable watch!), I thought I had to wear another Mudman. While searching for my olive drab G-9000, I saw this GW-9000, lying on the keybord of my Roland Juno 106, staring at me with his 5 eyes. It still showed wintertime. It hadn't been able to catch a sync for months. Not a real surprise, my G-Shock collection is located in my studio. All the power, MIDI and audio cables must work as a big cage of Faraday!
Not finding my olive drab G-9000 and observing these eyes pointed at me, might be good reason to sync the watch and strap it on. So there I was working on the lab with my "5 Eyes" strapped on. Although I had worn a lot bigger G-Shock models, I must say, it still looks nice. Check how it synced to the Anthorn Transmitter. Pretty unusual here, as I live much closer to Mainflingen.
Writing this intermezzo and the sound of Adobe CS6 sliding through the letter box is a nice excuse to make some new EL art  :-)

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