Saturday, June 30, 2012

Intermezzo #54: Happy Casio Day!!!

You might have noticed that almost all digital Casio G-Shock stock photo's or big shop display props show the same time, June 30th, 10:5850. Well, I cheated a little, as it is actually 10:58 pm, but we do not use this kind of time notation here. Casio uses this notation probably to show all digits spread over the screen well, without showing 88:8888. As in some countries are used to the 12 hour (like analog) format and others use 24 hour format, Casio used a time before 12:0000 so these stock photo's and other material could be used worldwide. To match my month of Mudman, I conclude this intermezze with an appropriate photo.
Happy Casio Day!!!

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