Saturday, January 5, 2013

Intermezzo #61: Happy new Year!

First of all, to all the readers of 50 Gs, a Happy New Year. I have done an inventarisation in my collection and, including a few incoming Gs and a little luck I still have about 40 - 50 G-Shocks left to do an article.
Unfortunately I have an odd issue with the Dutch taxes. Although I should get (monthly) refund, I somehow don’t get it anymore. We have a new government, who assured the Dutch people the low and lower middle incomes would not be affected or get a little improvement, but to me a net loss of €2000 on year base, I don’t really can call that an improvement. With all costs of insurance going higher, etc, I miss about half the budget that I usually spend on new G-Shocks. For me a big bummer, as I planned to get the Be@rbrick and DGK model, but I’m afraid I already have pass these. I'm pretty lucky to have some friends and retail shops (look in the menu, where I often buy my G-Shocks) that offer me G-Shocks for sharp prices. Thanks guy, you know who you are!
Well, enough rant, I’ll guess. I’m not sure what to do next year. I am pretty sure I can’t write 50 articles featuring models that haven’t been on on 50 Gs. Also I would love a sabbatical year too. Maybe I’ll ask my readers at the end of the year to post me their favorite top 3 articles on 50 Gs, and I will do one year of “50 Gs Classics”. There must be a top 50 to make out of about 250 - 300 articles. It's just an idea, let me know what you think.

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