Thursday, April 2, 2015

Intermezzo 78: Deep in the Nut Bush.

Nope, not about Tina Turner. I stumbled upon a video for a song by Faberyayo and Tom Trago which I pretty much like to share with you. "Who?" I can hear you think. Faberyayo forms with Piet Parra and Rimer London the project "Le Le, which in French precisely pronounces as "Lulle" in Dutch, which is street language for just talking. Faberyayo is quite a gifted writer (I pretty much like his lyrics and style). This video is from an EP with Tom Trago and was made by Saša Ostoja & Jan Jesse Bakker. Although the animals are typical for the work of Saša Ostoja, you might also recognize the typical color scheme's of Piet Parra. It's a pity most of my readers can't understand the text, which is full of lyrical magic, immediately loosing it's magic when translated. If you can't understand, just enjoy the ride through the deepest parts of the Nut Bush. The whole Mix Tape can be downloaded here.

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