Sunday, February 8, 2009

#5 The Poor Man's Frogman

The basic G-Shock model for the 21st century. That was what Casio had in mind when designing and releasing the G-2000.
It sounds like this had must been the successor for the successful early DW-5X00 models. It is relative small in size, like the early squares.
One of the desired features of the first G-Shock models was re-introduced. The screw back. Before the DW-6000 was introduced in November 1990, all G-Shock's had a screw back. A screwback requires a steel case.
The DW-6000 was the first G-Shock with a resin case. In stead of a screw back, the back plate is sealed with 4 screws. This reduced the weight of the watch, and the case became also part of the shock absorbing structure. Polyurethane is very durable and impact proof.
Though the 4 screw backplate provides an equal water resistance, the screw back is often loved for it's looks. Actually, it's pretty hard to change a battery without damage on a screw back, so in spite of the good looks, I rather have the 4 screw backplate.
In the first G-2000, released January 2000, Casio adopted the classic colors of the basic black models. Though, when browsing through the G-Shock catalogs, you see this is more the color scheme of the basic overseas DW-6600 and DW-6900 models.
It seems this model was not picked up well, after it's release. The DW-5600, DW-6600 and DW-6900 remained the succesful basic G-Shock models. It seems to have been relative short on the market, for a basic model. The last model appeared in the G-Fire series in September 2001.
A few years later (around 2003) the G-2000 became a subject for counterfeit manufacturers. As I was not aware of there fake G-Shock, so I also became a victim of these counterfeit products. These counterfeit G-2000 models were probably also reason why the G-2000 is a very popular model, although it's popularity is rising, due to it's nostalgic screw back.
The G-2000 is sometimes also called the "Poor Man's Frogman". Although it is not easy to find, a good looking model will cost you around $100.-, maybe even less. A good looking frogman will cost you a multiple.
Both the Frogman and the G-2000 have one big eye and the G-2000 display looks a bit like the DW-9900 Frogman. And of course, don't forget that screw back.
On the other side, the Frogman is also loved for it's size. If you wear a Frogman, you'll get noticed. The G-2000 is sized like the DW-5600, one of the smallest G-Shock's.
Look at these comparison photo's with a DW-6600 (actually a Buchstabe DW-6695-K). The DW-6600 is thicker (about 16 vs 18 mm) and wider (45 vs 48 mm).
You don't buy a G-2000 for the functions. Just an alarm, a stopwatch and a 24h timer. Well, on the other side, these are the most used functions by me.
There were a lot of counterfeit models made. Most of them didn't have the same display, but alas, there was also one model that had at first glimps the same display layout. You need an good eye to see the difference. One of the easiest way to spot a real one is looking at the eye. The real G-2000 has a small raised triangle at the top of the eye.
The G-2000 does not really stand out in my collection. I think it's one of the reasons I have heard several stories of watch collectors that they regret selling their G-2000. It seems to be a watch that is missed when sold.
About the same time (April 2000) Casio released the GL-110. It is a similar model with a screwback, with a little different bezel. The module has three eyes, instead of one. As far as I know, this was the last new model (except for the 4th generation GW-200 Frogman) with a screwback.The watch fits my 7" wrist perfectly. It wears very comfortable. It seems I can turn my wrist far enough again for a good wrist shot. I very much like the greenish EL-backlight and it's 3 seconds afterglow.


Craigory said...

I love this G-2000 - I wish they had kept this model in production. Cool woodland shots, btw!

mohamad said...

hows it going ? hope that everything is going well on ur end , by the way i lived in den haag for a year best year of my life anyhow i was woundring since u have many of the g 2000 would u like to sell me one of them plz and thank u

Sjors said...

Hello Mohamad,

I only have three G-2000 models. Sorry, but I do not trade in G-Shocks. I do not sell from my personal collection. Sorry,



Unknown said...

Nice review Sjors,

Do you know where can i find Bezel and strap for this watch ? I need to change mine.
And for screwback seal, is it same with dw5000 ?

Please advise.


G-Shock Sjors said...

Hi Oscar,

Frankly I do not have the specifications for the rubber seal of the screwback, though it looks like it's the same size as the DW-5X00C models.

FOr a bezel and strap you can contact Casio in your regio. Spare part are often distributed by a second party close to Casio. I'm not sure if there are spare parts of this model.