Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Intermezzo #5

The exam candidates are studying at home for the final exams and the 5th grades are on exchange projects all over Europe. It's very quiet at the labs , so I took the advantage to inventorying all gear and chemicals at the labs, which is actually bit a dull and lonely work. To stretch my legs a bit. I had been lying on the floor grabbing all kind of bottles in the cabinet for inflammable organic chemicals so I needed a little bit clean air to remove the smell of esters aromatics out of my airways.
I decided to sent my Men In Yellow Frogman on a small adventure. Just for fun, just for a small intermezzo.
Of course you can't take a decent pic of my Frogman between some easter eggs, or someone wants to try it on...
Well, after some explaining, the easter eggs. Yummie!Taking rest in a chair. It's an exam project and my Frog has whispered in my ear it's very comfortable.Come on Froggie, time to go back to the labs!
I had taken some pics for the forthcoming theater play a week ago and later today. Just playing with photo shop. Two Princes (Spin Doctors)...

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Unknown said...

Just wanted to let you know I am eagerly anticipating the next 50 G's entry! I love that yellow Frog!