Sunday, February 17, 2008

#6 Big is Beautiful

This morning I woke up with Mika's Big Girls are Beautiful. If I love big women.... I love big watches, that's for sure. When I opened the bedroom curtains, I looked at my small collection alarm clocks. I sold a big part of that collection a few years ago. My girlfriend Eva doesn't like alarm clocks. When we lived in a student house she hated it when there were 20 or more alarm clocks ticking everywhere. One night I couldn't find them anymore. They were all put under cushions of the chairs and couch. Let me spare you the details of my huge clock radio collection piled up in my student room...

Where were we.... My alarm clocks. I wound them all up this morning, just because I love to hear. One of them unfortunately stopped after a few seconds. I took it downstairs and opened it for some maintanance. The clock (manufacturer is Westclox, Scotland) is called Baby Ben. A little bit of lubrication did wonders. It's happy ticking behind my desk while I write my weekly post.
It was Sunday again and I looked in my Drawer what to put on my wrists today. With the song of Mika still in my head, I put the GL-100V on my wrist. This G-Shock is of the G-Lide series. The watches of this series are made for street and water sports like skateboarding and surfing. The past few years mode G-Lide models seem to be made specially for surfing.

I have no idea what the original purpose of this model was. I think it was a skateboard model. The double velcro watchband has the thick type of elastic band. Although it does not irritate in water, it dries slower than with a double Velcro watchband with two nylon bands .

I bought this watch in 2002, I wore it in a class experiment. In a moment of silence I heard a student whisper to another: "Check that watch... It's huge!"

And indeed, it's a big G-Shock, but actually I don't think it's much bigger than a basic DW-6900. The way the accents are made between the maroon and black parts make it appear bigger. It's a bit like the head of Darth Maul in Star Wars Episode 1 "The Phantom Menace". He appears also bigger due to the red and black accents in his face.

This G-Shock has a very unique strap actually. Normal double Velcro watchbands are lead through adaptors. This strap is attached to the case. There is a loose end on the upper band that is stuck through the buckle. A piece of Velcro keeps that loose end on it's place. A retainer secures the loose end for accidental loss.

The strap retainer has a nice detailed G embroid on it. Like all double Velcro watchbands, this one is also very comfortable.

This version is in maroon. I love that color (it is called Bordeaux red or wine red in my language). Actually my first 2 G-Shock's were in the same color (only a shade more red and lighter). I also have a grey/black version, a dark green/black model and an awesome fluorescent red/black model. They are not easy to find anymore and I don't think I got one really cheap (except for the green/black version, but that one had a complete life before it landed in G-Peopleland).
If you like Big Gs I recommend to look for one in your collection. Enjoy your Gs! Enjoy 50Gs!

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Unknown said...


I had a question about the attached photo in this email.

When I was a kid I saw this G shock and loved it. After that I was always on the look out when shopping for G shocks for this certain type. I want to know what this exact type is called. I don’t care for the watch, but mainly I want to know what that Strap adapter with the 2 plastic pieces is called?

I want to know if I can still buy G shocks with this type of strap adapter and style.

Also, I do like the G shock in this picture with the rear display. What is this called? Does casio still make this type?

Please let me know because I been wanting this all my life.