Sunday, March 23, 2008

# 11 Bloo Bloo Bloo

Somehow, I don’t like the color blue. As a teenager I was best described as a new wave punk and I liked to be dressed in black. Only my hair. Orange, fluorescent yellow, red, green. But never blue. I have actually no idea why. I never liked blue jeans. I rather had black or brown cargo pants. In 1997 we moved from the city centre of Middelburg (I could roll into my house from the cafés before that) to the edge of the town. Eva, my girlfriend since 1990, decided to paint our toilet blue. She found an article in our VPRO TV guide about a program about blue.

The article says: “blue is a color we feel comfortable with. Who wants to see a glass of red fluid in a TV commercial poured over a sanitary towel, or a glass of yellow fluid over a diaper."

"Blue only associates with safe and secure situations. That’s why police uniforms are often blue. Nowadays everyone wants to paint parts of their house in a certain color. Wouldn’t it be a great market if jeans could be found in all colors. In real this doesn’t work. People are very conservative. Every year fashion writers predict the color of the new season. The truth is black will be always favorite, blue is always OK and the other colors must be happy if they are present in the accessories… “Enough about my toilet and the silly article. Indeed, blue G-Shock’s are not much present in my collection. It’sblack, yellow and red that have the overhand. Still there are a few. Some of them were part of a batch that I bought, some I do like. Well, today’s watch is actuallyof the first category. I bought a small collection in Germany and this one was part of it. If I remember correct the batch also contained a purple DW-6630B and a DW-6700 Skyforce, so it was not a bad deal at allActually I have not much information about this watch. It’s obvious a surf model, but I only know the DW-003S and the DW-9000S in this jelly form. This one is a DW-6900. The model number therefore is probably a DW-6900S-2T, released November 1995. It’s pretty different from the basic triple eyed DW-6900 and the basic DW-6900E (with the same module as the DW-9052). The strap is very comfortable. The watch itself is connected to the band with two adapters. Therefore the watch has the freedom to move along the strap over the wrist. Although it sounds strange, it actually is the reason why this watch is so comfortable.The construction with two adaptors is also a very secure one. G-Shock spring bars built very strong, but in case one might slip loose while surfing, your watch will always hang on the other adaptor. A very clever design.
Also this design allows the watch to dry quick when it’s out of the water. Air can get everywhere through the strap and under the watch. This prevents the watch to become irritating and smelly.
It’s Easter, so I thought it would be nice to make some pictures with a chocolate Easter bunny and with chocolate eggs. I’m a chocoholic, so I don’t mind I have over 2.5 pounds of chocolate eggs here. A happy Easter weekend everyone!!!

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