Sunday, March 9, 2008

#9 The Burgundy Soul

It's already the 9th post on 50 Gs. It reminds me to the Beatles song Revolution #9. I think the G-Shock I wear today is also a bit revolutionary. It is the G-011D.

I got it from a good friend of me in Chicago. From time to time he offers me pretty nice G-Shock's for a good price. This was one of them. In Europe only the black version is sold in the shops. This one is Burgundy. The 20 Bar water resistance (in stead of 200m) suggests this was actually a Japanese market model.
The European black version is called "Black Soul". Why not call this one analog "Burgundy Soul". It sounds also warmer too.
There is a spoke like pattern on the dial, which makes the light play creating lighter and darker parts on the dial. The hands are luminous and there are 2 round digital sub dials.

When I saw the first official studio pictures of this watch I thought this was not a big model. The rectangular shape of this was also a bit strange and unique.

When I was the first pictures of someone owning this watch, I saw how huge it actually was. The case rises sturdy high on the wrist.
There are 4 screws on the case and 4 screws even sticking out of the sides. This even increase the tough look on this one. It came with a pretty long bracelet. I needed to remove 3 links to make it fit my wrist. It actually feels very comfortable on my 7" wrist.
The watch comes with the following functions: Analogue and digital time (duh), worldtime, a 60 minute countdown timer and a 60 minute stopwatch. It also has 5 alarms and a hourly signal. The analogue time could be set in a different time than the digital time. It has a DST function. With this function you can change the digital time with a simple push on a button into summertime/DST.
The G-011D does not have a Electroluminescent Backlight, but a LED diode that tights up the dial at night. This comes with a very nice amber LED. I am not sure this is the same with all G-001D's.

I must say that at first I was sceptic about this model, but now I have it, it looks great. I still have to get used to this look. Somehow it does remind me more to the fashion watches you see in the streets (like those of Diesel, etc).

The extra screws on the case and the hight case with the protecting edge around the crystal makes this one even look better than those fashion watches.

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