Sunday, March 30, 2008

#12 Spring is in the air...

The great dancefloor filler of Thomas Bangalter and DJ Falcon come to my head. "I got so much love to give"... Although we had 12 centimeters snow on Easter Sunday, the equinox has passed.

I work on a secondary school. A lot of kids from 13 to 15 have it difficult these days to keep their hormones under control. They talk louder, try to get attention from the other sexes and often make a fool of themselves. Isn't it a great time to put a light on this G-Shock Lovers Collection.

Since 1996 Casio releases around Christmas sets of a G-Shock and a Baby-G (there were sets with a Club-G instead of a Baby-G).

Most of these sets, called the Lover Collection are in white colour. Sometimes there are other colour varieties. This beautiful set from 1998 is in black. Personally this is the nicest set I know.

I obtained this set from a guy in Germany. He broke up with his girlfriend and didn't like to be reminded to her, so he sold the set.

This set was sold in a nice box. The G-Shock is a Codename model. It has the module of the Codename Cipher, but the case of a DW-004. The set was sold as LOV98-3. The model numbers of the watches are DW-0098 and BGM-098.

A list of emergency codes is given with the watch. I don't think that these codes help in a relational crisis. The Baby-G is a G-Mix model and plays the love songs "Take my Breath away" by Berlin and "My Heart Will Go On" by Celine Dion.

These watches are worn, so there is some wabi on it. I think its a great way of showing tear and wear of love... It's like a new relation. First ,everything shines and is great. After a few months the novelty has gone and not everything is perfect anymore. Wabi always adds character on a watch, specially on a Lovers Collection model.

The past years Casio had released only white Lovers Collections. Recently Mastermind released a very nice black Valentine set. It was presented in a black heart shaped box. I was a bit shocked by the price, €360.-, but it was sold out fast.

My big wish would be if Casio would ever release a nice set (preferred with a nice DW-6900, or with a forthcoming GLX-5600) in the colour of love... Red.


Riley said...

They make a nice pair. I much prefer these to the typical white Lover's collection. Maybe the girls don't like the black though? And I really like the emergency codes. I guess the Codename model is the only one that ever had that feature.

Unknown said...

Hi dude, i'm new in g-world and i need few info for my DW-0098 restoration, since its hard to find oem parts now days for this model (Bezel), what other model can be custom other than DW-004 for DW-0098?