Sunday, June 29, 2008

#24 Triple eyed Brazilian G-Shock

Football is probably the most popular sport in the world. Tonight the final of the European Championship 2008 will be played between Spain and Germany. A nice reason to promote a football related G-Shock.
In 2006 Germany hosted the FIFA World Cup. Because the size of this even, there are a lot of big international sponsors. One of them was Casio. In 2005 Casio made these big G-Shock count down clocks, which were found in every participating city. Specially for this event Casio also developed Referee Timers like the DW-56RT.Actually I don't watch football much, although I have seen several games that the Orange played. Unfortunately we were wiped in the quarter finals. Funny enough I discovered that Bram's football is also a World Cup 2006 model, in the team colors of Germany.
In 2006 special FIFA G-Shock's were released. The GW-1400WCE-9AVER and GW-1201WC-9AV were two Waveceptor models (EU reception only), G-300BWC-1AV a Cockpit model and also a white and a black DW-56RTWC's were released.
The most known series are the "World Cup 2006 Soccer team uniform colors series". This was a triplet of Gs in the team colors of the last three winning countries Brazil, France and Germany. Of the three, the French model, G-300WC-2AJR, is not easy to find. I think it was only released in Japan. The DW-5600WC-1ER and DW-6900WCJ-9ER were sold outside Japan in large quantities.
Recently a load these watches were sold as NOS in Germany for unbelievable prices. I bought my first Brazilian model from Seiya-San for a good price of around $100.- in May 2006. I bought the same model with a German model for only €30.- together about a month ago.
For the DW-5600WC (Germany) have a look at Jason's weblog here. I will highlight today my favorite of this series. It's the Brazilian team model. I like bright colors and I even think the colors of the Brazilian team are world wide very popular. As you can see this watch is basically bright yellow with green accents. Specially the green ring around the display is very eye catching.
A illustration of the World Cup is shown on the long strap, while the strap retainer shows the logo of the FIFA.
On the back of the watch there is a special engravement. It shows the official "World Cup Germany 2006" logo. It has the 1289 module. The functions are very basic, but sufficient. The watch has an alarm function (with the possibility to program it to one or certain dates), an hourly chime, a Countdown Timer an a Stopwatch. A great plus of this module is that the time is shown in both the CDT as the STW mode.

In the EL backlight a lion figure shows up. This is the official mascot of the World Cup 2006. He's called Goleo VI, the lovable lion.
He's accompanied by his sidekick, Pille the talking football. Goleo VI was created by The Jim Henson Company, known for the puppet of the Muppet Show and Sesame Street.
And how did the FIFA World Cup 2006 end. Italy met formerer Champion Du Monde (1998) France in the final. The final is best remembered by an incident in the end of the the extra time while millions viewers worldwide saw how Zinedine Zidane rammed down Marco Materazzi with his head.
Zidane was sent out of the field and the extra time ended in a 1-1 score. The game ended with penalties, which the Italian team did much better then France. The final score Italy - France is 5 - 3, leaving Italy as the new (and present) World Champion.
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