Sunday, June 8, 2008

#21 Rise and Shine!

In 2007 Casio started releasing special series for the 25th anniversary of G-Shock. In May the Dawn Black series saw daylight, in August it was the Rising White series. In this last series there was a DW-5000 re-issue and even a DW-5700C re-issue.

Both models, the DW-5025B-7JR and DW-5725B-7JR have a "screwback". This type of back screws into the case, which is made of metal. Most modern G-Shocks have a resin case and the back plate is tightened to the case with 4 screws.

Sometimes there are debates which tighten method is better, but if the seal is greased properly I doubt there is a real difference. Screwbacks are often preferred, because they just look better. Bear in mind water pressure pushes the back harder to the case, so even a 4 screw back is save.

The DW-5025B shows the design around the display as the original 1st G-Shock model, released in 1983. It shows a brick structure. Although the text "WATER RESIST 20 BAR" suggest this is a Japan only design, it was also released in the US. This model was also available at for the European market. This is where mine came from.

In contrary to the original model, this DW-5025B has no light bulb, but an Electro-Luminescent backlight. The module used in this and the DW-5725B model, the 1545, is the same module that is used for the common DW-5600E.

The watch is, like the name of the series already says, white. The visible metal parts are in gold tones, the buckle, screwback and bezel screws. You see this on the other 25th Anniversary series too. The case itself is just in silver tone stainless steel. The display is a reversed type. It gives a nice harp contrast to the white bezel and straps. Most lettering and lining around the display are in gold tone and so are the digits.

Reversed or negative displays look very cool. It often gives a digital watch a more mysterious dark look. A down side is these displays are harder to read in dim light. I remember that I wore a DW-003TL once with such display, while driving my car in bad and dark weather. Due to the viewing angle and bad light, it was impossible to read time.

I need to say the negative display on the DW-5025B is very sharp and has a large viewing angle. Maybe Casio has improved the readability in the past years.

The backlight is in a green tone, which looks very nice. It does not remind you to the bluish backlights on cheaper digital watches.

The screwback shows the G-Shock logo that Eric Haze designed for the 25th Anniversary. I have a dog tag with the same logo on it.

This is the last of a series of articles I have written during my vacation in Cadenet in south France. I (and occasionally Bram and Eva) have shot photo’s on location. Probably some photo's will not be as sharp or clear as I wished, but I think they captured the feeling of the moment. I hope you enjoyed reading and viewing these articles.

Our dinner on the way back, in Luxembourg. I could use a beer. I had driven over 500km in one piece. After dinner Eva took over for the last 350 - 400 km.

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